How to Eat Healthy at Bryant

Are you struggling to eat healthy at college? We know it’s hard with limited resources and low funds as college students. Follow some of these tips on how to eat healthy at Bryant to make the best choices for your body!


1. Resisting Chicken Patties 

On Tuesdays, we know it’s “Chicken Patty Tuesday” at Salmo. But, most of the time they also serve grilled chicken as well. Take one or two pieces of chicken, cut it up, and put it on a salad – now you have a healthy meal packed with protein!


2. ​Substitute a Side Salad

At meal swipe time at Nick’s place, if you’re ordering a salad, order a side salad instead of fries and save it in your fridge for part of tomorrow’s lunch! (Or a healthy snack). This way, you’re less tempted to eat the fries or chips!

3. Avoid the Ice Cream

We know its so tempting to get ice cream after a meal, especially since Salmo has a lovely soft serve machine. Instead, scoop some vanilla yogurt into a takeout cup and add some m&m’s or oreo crumbs. This is a healthier version of your homemade McFlurry from Salmo, but it still has all that great sugary taste!


4. Taco Salad 

Thursdays at Salmo is always Taco Thursday. Instead of having a taco or two every Thursday, make it a salad! Go to the salad bar and start with a bowl of lettuce, then add all your good taco toppings!


5. Healthy Munchies

Almost every day, Salmo offers fries, and it’s so hard to resist them since they’re right at our fingertips. Instead, swap out your fries for raw veggies (found either at the salad bar or the Asian section) and dip it in some Ranch or bleu cheese! You still get the crunch and the dip, but its so much healthier.


6. Better Dressing Choices

Instead of using the premade salad dressings at the salad bar, use either the olive oil, red wine vinegar, or balsamic vinegar on your salad. You can make great combos with these three, and they have none of the additives of the salad dressings!



We know there is a plethora of sugary drink options both at Salmo and at Nick’s place. But there is also water! At Salmo, give some of the infused waters a try! The huge Coke machine at Nick’s place can make you want to try some crazy drink mixtures, but you can also get water. By switching out your sodas and juices each day with water, you’ll notice a difference in your health.