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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.

So we all know how hard it is to assimilate back to single life, but it’s even harder to do it when your ex is on campus and part of your friend group. Here are some simple steps to follow to make your ex bae your new friend.

1. Don’t be awkward around the guy friends. Especially if they were your guy friends first. There’s no reason you should have to act any differently around them. They weren’t in the relationship and they really don’t care about it either.

2. Try to stray away from social media. It’s bad enough to see him everywhere, but it’s worse to see him in posts, Instagrams and Snapchats 24/7. Especially when he’s having a good time without you. Not to mention, he will probably be creeping on yours too. Give it a siesta until you guys have smoothed things over.

3. Try not to spend time thinking about him being with other girls. Obviously you are both going to move on at some point so don’t fault him for doing so. There are plenty of other Bulldogs in the stadium, don’t get stuck on just one!

4. Drunk texting. Don’t do it.

5. Try your best not to act awkward around him. Don’t be standoffish and cold, but also don’t be all over him either. Just treat him like any other guy friend and things will adjust back to normal in no time.

6. If he does move on, take the time to be nice to his new lady. And not in the “keep your enemies closer” kind of way. The truly nice way, especially if you want to remain friends with him. He obviously has good taste so she can’t be that bad.

7. If you move on first, make an effort to make him feel comfortable around your new boo. If you’re with another guy and he is still making the effort to be your friend then he obviously cares about you, so don’t make him feel out of place.

8. If you are the only one putting in effort, then leave the situation alone. If he doesn’t want to spend the time to make the friendship work, then he isn’t worth the effort.

Senior, marketing major from Pembroke MA.  Marketing and PR Chair for Bryant's Her Campus chapter.  Loves sharks.