He Lost You, You Didn’t Lose Him

To the girl crying over the boy who left and broke her heart, he lost you, you didn’t lose him. We understand it hurts. We know your pain, but you have to remember that in the long run he’s going to regret leaving you. Never again will he see that bright smile, nor will he stare into your golden eyes. He will cease to feel your warm embrace after a long day and have a place to lay his weary head. He can forget ever hearing your heartfelt laugh or your cute little snores. I’m telling you he will miss those nights where you held him as he fell asleep or talked him through a hard day. He’s going to miss having someone always there for him, for he did not know how good he had it with you. With you he had a therapist, a music consultant, a movie partner, a dinner date, a number one fan, an everything. Now he has no one. There will never be another like you for you were his pinnacle. You were the one who he let get away.

He will never see you grow. He will miss out watching you evolve into a strong woman. He will never see everything you will become; a bride, mother, grandmother. You will rise to your best, succeed at everything you put your mind to, dominate on all fronts of your life and he will look back and wish he had never made the mistake of letting you go. He was not strong enough to hold on to the flame that was you. He did not have the courage to stand up to be the best man he could be for you while you towered over everything around you. For he was not good enough for you while you were too perfect for words.

Someday, someone will come along who will see you for the force you are and will make you forget every boy before him. He will never want to take his eyes off that gleaming smile or stop hearing that vivacious laugh. He will be ever so thankful for your charisma and your warmth. He will never miss an opportunity to tell you how much he loves you and how much you mean to him. He will push you to be the best version of yourself and he will cheer you on as you conquer the world.

That boy who broke your heart will one day see exactly what he lost, but by then it’ll be far too late for him. For don’t you ever forget, he lost you, you didn’t lose him.