Have You Heard About the Peep Show?

Did you think marshmallow peeps were just a tasty Easter treat? Think again! Peep art is sweeping the nation. The Washington Post holds an annual Peep Diorama Contest where readers submit photos of their “master peeps” in which they recreate history or pop culture entirely out of marshmallow peeps. These aptly named “Peep Shows” can also be found at other cultural centers across the country, like the Carroll County Arts Council in Maryland, and the Racine Art Museum in Wisconsin. Check out some creative (and pun-filled) peep artwork below!  

  1. Bride Peeps
  2. Peep Peace
  3. Peeping Bad
  4. Salvador Dali Peep

Everybody Peeps

Check out the official Washington Post Peep Diorama Contest website here!

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