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Finding Your Home: Why I Went Greek

My first weekend back at school I made a decision that has already changed my college experience, and even my life. Many people hear about what the formal recruitment process entails and instantly think that it will be too much for them. However, rush weekend ends faster than you would imagine. It’s just three short days and then you find your home.

I decided that I wanted to rush before I even came to college. Growing up, my dad would share his stories from being in a fraternity, and all his closest friends were a part of Greek life. He always told me I would meet my best friends in college. When I got here, I met some amazing people, but I wasn’t sure if I had found “my” group. I was looking for girls I could connect with deeper than just the surface level. So, when the formal recruitment link came out, I decided to sign right up.

The first day was filled with meeting all the different chapters. It was a great day to get a feel for the personalities of each sorority. We got 30 minutes in each room, and it only felt like ten minutes. It was almost like speed dating in the sense that you talked to one girl for a few minutes and then were passed off to the other. After the first day, it was easy for me to figure out which sororities I wanted to get to know more. I based my decision on the scope of the conversations we had.

The second day was philanthropy day, and this was a more fun day for me. The conversations were more personal, and the sororities were able to get more personal by sharing the causes that they support. Today was the day where I was able to determine where I personally thought I belonged. The third day was one of the most emotional for sure. Sunday was “pref” day. After ranking my top two the night before, I would find out which of them wanted to invite me back. Fortunately, I was invited back to both of my top two. I have no shame in the fact that I balled my eyes out on Sunday. I would say that I was having some confusion at this point. The sororities showed us a sacred piece of their sisterhood. Although both ceremonies were beautiful, after having my final conversations I knew in the back of my mind where I belonged. However, I was definitely clouded with overwhelming feelings and struggled when it came to ranking.

Later that night the nerves were building. When I received a call that I got a bid I was extremely grateful. I knew that this would change my life. Opening the envelope and seeing “Sigma Sigma Sigma” instantly filled me with joy. I wanted to book it to the gym in that moment and run home, but I had to wait. When I looked around the room, I noticed that many of the girls in my group were also going to be my sisters. It’s crazy to think that some of these girls were strangers, and now we are in process of getting closer than ever.

I was the first one to enter the gym and I sprinted home to my sisters. They had no idea who was running home, but in that moment when I ran towards them, I had never felt more comfortable in my life. I knew Sigma was where I was meant to be, and all the sisters were so welcoming and happy to see me. Although I am not yet initiated into Tri Sigma, I have no doubt in my mind that I am in the right place. Hugging all those girls felt like home, I cried of course for the third time that day.

As each day goes on and I spend more time getting to know both my pledge class and the sisters of Sigma, I am glad that I made the decision to go through formal recruitment. Right before formal recruitment I was struggling with friendships and happiness. When I see my sisters on campus, I may not know all of their names yet, but I know I can have a conversation with them if I need to. I felt good to be wanted, and it feels even better to be apart of a sisterhood. Initiation day cannot come fast enough. If you are struggling with the decision to rush or not just know that you will never know what it’s like if you don’t try. One small decision could change your life.


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