Finals Week as Told by Elf

As we all know finals are creeping closer and closer and the thought of reaching your highest stress level is becoming a reality. But you know what else is creeping closer and closer? CHRISTMAS! Buddy the Elf’s favorite day. We hope that seeing Buddy basically embodying us during this time of the year makes you smile and also gives you something to do while you procrastinate studying for that accounting exam.

When you realize that you only have a week to bring all your grades up:

How you feel when your professor decides to make the final cumulative, even though he promised he wouldn’t:

Trying to be quiet in the library but you can’t because you and your overtired friends have a serious case of the gigs:

When your favorite professor pulls through and decides to make the final open note:

Running home/to Salmo and eating as fast as you can before someone steals your table in the roto:

When there is a question on the exam that wasn’t on the study guide and now you just feel betrayed:

When your friend is trying their hardest to distract you but you just don’t have time for that:

Realizing how much your brain hurts from all the studying:

That feeling you get leaving your last exam:

How you feel when you’re finally home and on your way to live it up for winter break: