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Favorite Places to Eat in Smithfield and Providence

Providence and Smithfield have some great restaurants. Don’t know where to go on your next girls night out or want to check out a new place in town?! Well Her Campus is here to help you! We have crafted a list of 10 favorite places to go out to eat in Smithfield and Providence. Enjoy and we hope that you check out one of these joints soon.


1. Yamato

If you don’t know what Yamato is you are probably living under a rock. Yamato is a Japanese Hibachi and Sushi restaurant located in Smithfield. Bryant students love Yamato! Our favorites are the sweet potato roll and the chicken hibachi dinner. We 10/10 recommend Yamato, and it’s super affordable!

2. LUXE burger bar

LUXE burger bar is located in Providence. Their menu consists of your typical bar food, nachos, onion rings, fried pickles, mac, cheese, etc. You can even build own burger with any patty that you want. What more could a person want! On your next night out to , we recommend that you check this place out!


3. Blackie’s Bulldog Tavern

If you go to Bryant and haven’t gone to Blackie’s yet what are you doing?! This place pretty much has everything under the sun when it comes to food. They also have dairy-free, gluten-free, and paleo options so they can cater to anyone. To make this offer even better they also have brunch on Sundays from 10am-1pm!


4. The Thirsty Beaver

The Thirsty Beaver is another Bryant hot spot! The Beav is located in Smithfield as well as Cranston. Almost everyone can find something that they like at The Thirsty Beaver.

5. Chili’s

We had to throw this one in here because who doesn’t love Chili’s! A timeless classic.

6. J’s Deli

If you haven’t been to J’s Deli yet we highly recommend that you go sometime soon! Maybe you can go on your trip back from the Lincoln Mall, as it is conveniently on the way to Bryant. There’s something for everyone here. One of our favorites is the Pilgrim!

7. Harry’s Burger Bar

With locations in Providence, Lincoln, Newport, you should definitely hit up Harry’s sometime soon! We highly recommend their sliders.

8. Andino’s

Who doesn’t love pasta! You should definitely consider going to the hill and checking out Andino’s. One of your favorites is the Chicken.

9. Chipotle

Almost everyone at Bryant (and across the US) loves Chipotle! What’s not to like about burritos?!

10. Julian’s

Julian’s is located in Providence. They have brunch and they offer dinner in the evening as well. For all of our vegan friends out there, they have an array of vegan options. You should definitely check out Julian’s for your next Saturday or Sunday brunch.

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