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Domino’s Just Did THIS and We’re Loving It

Today.com wrote an article about how Domino’s just recently paired up with the company Guru Guru to create a pizza-themed registry for parents-to-be. There’s no better gift to give a ‘hangry’ mother-to-be! They are offering many different packages, “Hangry and Hormonal” for example, for any situation that might strike these anxious parents! If you’re too nervous that the mamma-to-be might blame you for any gained baby weight, they also are offering adorable pizza themed clothes for the baby!


Prior to this, Domino’s had also developed a wedding registry that follows the same idea. The packages you can get from that registry are “The Wedding Night” and “Post-Honeymoon Adjustment to Real Life”.

Doesn’t this just keep getting better?

You no longer have the excuse of not knowing what to get any friends or family who may be expecting, or typing the knot in the near future.

Domino’s is living in the year 3024, and we’re LOVING it.

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