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Aahh, fall. It makes us want to jump in leaves, carve pumpkins, and have the whole world smell like apples and cinnamon. But when your pumpkin spice air freshener just doesn’t suffice, try some of these delicious and simple recipes to make your house smell like our favorite season!  

Pumpkin Woopie Pies

A perfect slice of home for all you Mainers, but delicious for all!


White Chocolate and Candy Corn Blondies


This sugary sweet seasonal treat is sure to please.


Pumpkin Maple Pecan Granola

A healthy yet decadent snack, perfect for fall.



Try this quick and easy classic!  


Hot Apple Cider

Sip this this Starbucks rip-off and bask in the warmth of knowing it’s half the price.


Apple Pie Bars

A more challenging dessert, but well worth it.


Acorn Cookies

This no-bake sweet is easy enough to make in your dorm room.


If you’re visiting home this Columbus Day weekend, try some of these recipes and share your treats with friends when you get back to campus!

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