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Cool Apps You Need to Know About

                Apps can simplify so many different tasks we do every day. They help us stay organized, find our way home, and even show us where the best sales are! Her Campus has come up with this list of free apps that you can’t live without!

1.       Epicurious- Epicurious is the best way to discover new cooking recipes! Search through the trending categories on the home screen, or do your own search of food you’re in the mood for. The recipes come from popular magazines and cookbooks, and you can look through the comments and suggestions of other users. If you like a recipe, save it to your Recipe Box or even add it to your shopping list so you’ll never forget ingredients again!


2.       Level Money- “Track Your Money, Effortlessly” and in an aesthetically pleasing way! Level money tracks your cash flows by breaking down your budget by month, week, and even daily! You'll never overspend again!


3.       IFTTT- IFTTT, or If This Then That, connects your apps and internet with one another! Create Recipes to make action happen, such as if the weather predicts rain you will get an iOS notification!


4.       Songkick- Never miss your favorite music artists again by using Songkick! Songkick scans your music library and follows all your artist’s tour schedules. The app will give you alerts for when concerts are announced near you, and you can view a schedule of concerts coming up. You can even buy tickets through the app!


5.       Todoist- This To Do list streamlines your tasks to keep you organized. Create a project to add tasks to, or simply add it to your Inbox list. Organize with sub-tasks, color coding, and priorities. The app syncs with your desktop, browser, Gmail, and across devices, so you can have your list wherever you need it!

6.       Gas Buddy- Do you hate it when you fill up your car and then down the road there’s a gas station with cheaper prices? Never again with Gas Buddy! The app runs by users sharing gas prices – and you can even win free gas by signing up and sharing prices. Search for gas near you and see all the prices listed and a map of the gas stations nearby.


7.       Nike Training- Kick up your workouts with Nike Training. The app has over 100 workouts by professional trainers and athletes, complete with step-by-step picture and video instructions. Choose individual workouts, or a four week program based on your own fitness goals. The workouts are customizable and you are sure to see results!

8.       Pulse- Pulse is the best app to stay updated with all the latest news. Customize your news feed with different news sources such as newspapers, blogs, and publications. You can even make multiple lists for separate kinds of news, whether it’s fashion, world news, or science. The app is now connected to LinkedIn too, so you can easily share stories with your professional network.

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