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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.

What You Need for 20-25 Servings (if you’re being good… who’s ever good though?)

  • 750ml of Titos
  • Half a 750ml of Limoncello
  • Two 750ml bottles of Champagne
  • One bottle of Lemonade
  • 3lb container of strawberries
  • ½ of Simple Syrup (AKA water and 15 sugar packets)
  • A splash of lime juice
  • Your best gals to share with

How to do it:

  1. Mix the lime juice, simple syrup and strawberries together
  2. Add Titos, Limoncello and Lemonade to container
  3. Mixy mixy mixy
  4. Top with champagne
  5. Get ~lit~

HC Bryant reminds you to drink responsibly!

Recipe Credits – Julie LaVoye

Bryant University Class of 2019I can watch a whole series on Netflix in less than a month and feel no remorse... same with eating an entire pint of Phish Food.