Campus Cutie: Student Programming Board President, Nick Caracciolo

Meet Nick!

Her Campus Bryant was lucky to sit down with the president of the largest club on campus, the Student Programming Board (SPB), to learn more about some exciting upcoming events the club will be hosting and what we can expect to see throughout the year!

HC: Tell us about the Student Programming Board – what are you guys all about? 

NC: The Student Programming Board is all about providing events throughout the year in order to enrich the lives of students on campus. In short, we host events in order to help students enjoy their time here at Bryant. We do this through our offering of alternative, professional, entertaining, cultural, and intellectual programs through our seven committees (Arts & Speakers, Consistent Events, Daytime, Major Weekends, Music, Recreation, and Special Events).


HC: How did you first get involved with SPB? What drew you to the club?

NC: I first got involved in SPB as a freshman being a general member. I really took the next step in being involved in the club by applying and being accepted into the spring weekend committee!


HC: What has SPB done for you? What have been your favorite parts about being in the club?

NC: This club has done so much for me that I could go on for hours! Some highlights, however, would be that it gives me professional skills that I have been able to use in classes and at my internships. On top of this, I have made lifelong friends in this club and the members in it have become a support system for me through my years at Bryant.


HC: What are some upcoming events students can expect to see on campus?

NC: We have some fun things coming up... here is our October calendar!

HC: What’s your favorite event hosted by SPB?

NC: That is like asking me to pick a favorite child! But, I do love any event with free food!


HC: Have there been any plans for events later in the year? (like…spring concert?)

NC: My club has events throughout the year, so we are always working hard to put on something for you guys. Referring specifically to your question about the music committee, they are working hard to figure out all the logistics of the spring concert, but, we have a way to go before we have big news to release to the campus!


Her Campus Bryant would like to thank Nick for chatting with us about SPB! This is a great club for anyone who is interested in hosting campus-wide events and getting to know plenty of Bryant students! 

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All photos provided by Nick Caracciolo.