Campus Celeb: Rachel Luce

HC: What are you involved in on campus?

Rachel: I am in Delta Zeta, I am involved in Autism Speaks, and I’m on the Velocity dance team!

HC: How did you get involved with crafting?

RL: I’ve been on the artsy side ever since I was little. Joining a sorority helped me to do it more because I wasn’t taking art classes anymore like I was in high school. Everyone told me to sell my stuff but I wasn’t sure because I didn’t want to hate the activity, just because if I got orders I would obviously need to fill them even if I didn’t feel like it at the moment. Ultimately, I decided to just go for it and it’s been going very well!

HC: What inspired you to open a shop?

RL: I needed money, honestly! And I wanted to do something that I didn’t hate. People always say make a job out of your passion so I ran with that idea. One of my coworkers had just started an Etsy shop which make it seem more tangible, it also seemed like a good side hustle. I can do more things now without stressing about finances. It’s been a good extra cushion.

HC: Which product are you most proud of? 

RL: My shop took off with the painted letters. That is my biggest seller. Because of that, I owe my success to them. Once I sold my first set I realized people liked them and it motivated me to want to make more. For that reason, it’s the product I’m proudest of, it keeps me going!

HC: Why “Paint Me a Daisy”?

RL: So, in February my dog passed away and her name was Daisy. Since that happened it’s been difficult for me to cope, the missing presence is really evident because I don’t have siblings. My dog was like my sister in a way. Painting and crafting helped me to cope, because I swapped the time I spent with her for crafting. It is my way to commemorate her, with my crafting as well as my shop name.

HC: Biggest struggle with running the shop?

RL: The biggest struggle has been balancing it with school. Every week is different. Some weeks I’ll get one order, sometimes I get five. And of course with the weeks I get five I may have three exams and a paper. That is when my hobby becomes a stressor. That’s where this job is difficult to balance with school because it’s time sensitive. Even when I’m stressed on time, I can’t rush because I want all of my work to be quality. I want it to be up to standards of my customers.

HC: How long does each product take on average?

RL: The smaller projects take about one to two weeks depending on how many orders I have and my personal life. The coolers, my biggest project, take about a month and a half to two months because of all the processes and steps that go into them. Everything is made to order, it‘s all customizable there is no back stock.

HC: Do you plan to continue this after college?

RL: I do! I think it’s a great way to release stress and sit down and do something mindless and unrelated to anything in my life. Being artistic is a great way to meditate. It really calms me down and relieves stress. I put relaxing music on and sit there for hours and just paint!

HC: What else do you plan on doing after college?

RL: I’m an accounting major so I plan to work for either a big company or smaller firm. Eventually I want to have accounting firm and run my own business. I also want to have kids and a husband!

HC: Anything exciting coming up for you or the shop?

RL: A lot of people on campus have requested coolers. I’m actually making one for TKE which is so cool. It’s great to be recognized to the point where they want me to represent their organization within my work. I’m really just trying to get my name out there as much as I can but I am very focused on work and school and make sure I have a set path for when I graduate without falling behind.

HC: Any additional comments?

RL: I really encourage people to find something they’re passionate about. When you have that outlet, your life seems to be more manageable. For me it’s painting, for others it may be working out or yoga. It’s nice to have something to rely on and go to when everything may be going wrong, so I recommend people try and find that for themselves.

Rachel’s Etsy page is: for all of your Greek Life crafting needs!