Campus Celeb: Joey DiModica, Candidate for VP

HerCampus had the pleasure of hearing from Joey DiModica, a junior here at Bryant University who currently holds the Vice President position in our student government. Joey has personally contributed to the overall success that the student government has enjoyed over the past year and wants your vote to continue to better student life at Bryant!

HerCampus: What year are you in?


Joey DiModica: Junior, Class of 2019


HC: What are your involvements?


JD: Current Executive Vice President, Student Government

Founder, Boston Got Sole

At-Large Member, Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization

At-Large Member, Marketing Association


HC: What are you running for and why?


JD: I am seeking re-election for Executive Vice President of the Student Government to continue the tremendous success of the organization and serve as a bridge between administration and my fellow Bulldogs!


HC: What experience have you had that will help you continue to be successful in this position?


JD: Regardless of the fact that I am currently the Executive Vice President, I believe what qualifies me for this position is my dedication and passion to make Bryant a better University every day. My experience through various executive positions on campus, owning my own business, and participating in the Student Government for three consecutive years is what sets me apart.


HC: What do you hope to continue to do with this position?


JD: My main objective and goal if I am able to seek re-election for Executive Vice President is to continue the success of the Bryant Student Government. This past year has been the most successful in history due to the hardworking and dedicated executive board and legislative body.


HC: Why should we vote for you?


JD: I ask for your vote to be re-elected as Executive Vice President of the Student Government because I believe It would be cumbersome to the organization if I was not able to continue my work and passion. This has become my life over the past three years, and I would be honored to have your vote!


HC: Where can we go to learn more or get to know you?


JD: Never hesitate to call, text, or even walk up to me if you see me. My number is 617-827-6509 and feel free to follow me on any social media platform! Ps: I’ll follow back!


HC:  Where do we vote and when?


JD: You can vote #JoeyDforVP this Thursday (3/29/18) and Friday (3/30/18)! Voting booths will be at the Fisher Student Center and Salmo as well as online through OrgSync!


HC: Give us a fun fact!


JD: Besides owning my own business of Boston Got Sole, spending time with my family, and playing with my dogs; Student Government is my passion! #VoteJoeyDforVP  

HerCampus Bryant encourages you to get out and vote in your local student election!