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#Bryant2017: The Resources We Have That You Will Love

Here at Her Campus, we like to help our fellow classmates!  This is our #Bryant2017 Series where we will be writing numerous articles that will help ease the transition from “senior fever” to the new kid on block here in Smithfield.

Bryant University ensures that students have everything they need to survive RIGHT ON CAMPUS.  So, that’s what this article is all about! Our campus community helps students to achieve their academic goals and live happy, healthy lives so they can make the most of their four years at Bryant. Below you fill find a list of all the amazing resources Bryant University has to offer its students…P.S., don’t be surprised if these resources make you thankful you chose Bryant or make you want to choose Bryant.

  1. Amica Career Center:  Here at Bryant, everyone is dedicated to preparing the students to attain their dream job. The Amica Career Center assists students every step of the way. Here you can plan your life beyond the class room whether it is through perfecting your resume, shadowing alumni in your field, practicing your interview skills, attaining interviews with the right companies and even helping you to attain that perfect job. To top it off, Bryant’s Career Center is recognized by many as one of the most amazing aspects of Bryant.
  2. Academic Center for Excellence (ACE): ACE is a place to ensure the best of all students’ schoolwork. From all day tutoring labs, writing assistants, workshops and much more, ACE has everything a student needs to succeed at Bryant. In addition to their labs and assistants, you can even schedule one-on-one tutor sessions with tutors of EVERY subject!

  3. Academic Advisors: Your freshman year you are assigned an academic advisor (one of the people above!) that will work with you throughout your four years at Bryant to fulfill all of your academic goals. They help you schedule and register for classes, decide on a major and minor path, and lead you to meet all the requirements necessary to graduate. In addition, they ensure that every student who studies abroad knows where to go for their program, what classes to take so they transfer back to Bryant, and will even help you while you are studying in another country!

  4. Professors: The professors here at Bryant are unlike any other school. Due to the small classroom atmosphere, students are able to accomplish deeper relationships with their professors. In addition to their time in the classroom, professors make themselves available for AT LEAST 5-6 hours a week for any additional help students may need. Whether it means extra review before an exam, deeper explanation on a topic, or even career path help, professors are always here to help.

  5. Library & Librarians: Bryant’s library facility is amazing. In addition to two floors full of books, articles, magazines and databases, Bryant has partnerships with other schools and libraries to ensure you get any research support necessary. On top of the research capabilities itself, the library is staffed by amazing research librarians that are dedicated to assisting you in any way possible. They will help you to get started and perform your research projects, in addition to assisting you with any day to day questions. Lastly, our facility entails various types of study areas to meet every student’s needs. There are study rooms for people working or studying in a group that needs privacy, 4 person tables and individual tables in both a silent section or talking section, and a large number of computer areas. In addition, the library has couches and chairs for the student who desires a comfortable quiet place to accomplish both free or school related reading.  

  6. Health and Wellness: Bryant goes above and beyond to ensure good health and wellness for every student. Our campus has its own Health Services that has doctors and nurses to fulfill your every medical need without leaving campus. In addition, they can administer flu shots, antibiotics, and a wide array of other health items. We also have the Women’s Center which helps ensure a healthy and safe environment for females at Bryant University. In addition, Bryant provides students with Counseling Services which employs both psychologist and psychiatrist for any student that needs these services. Our Chace and Wellness Center has an exercise room which offers a ton of classes throughout the week for free.  Everything from yoga to Insanity classes can be taken! Lastly, the RA staff here at Bryant University is incredible! They are dedicated to ensuring safe, healthy and enjoyable living situations for all students and are there to support students in any way possible.

  7. Transportation Services: Although Bryant is able to meet almost all of student’s demands, there are always reasons to leave campus. For this reason, Bryant provides three forms of transportation services for all students.  The Bryant Transit Authority (BTA), is a van service that provides transportation to local grocery stores, restaurants, etc. It has specified times that it runs and picks you up right next to the dorms. The RIPTA is a Rhode Island bus transportation service that picks up students throughout the day by the gym and runs to places all around local Rhode Island destinations until midnight. Lastly, Bryant now has two Zip Cars which students can rent for hours or days at a time to drive to any destination they please! And, the best part, both cars are brand new and drive great!

  8. Post Office: Our post office here serves many purposes. For starters they have stamps and a drop box for you to send all your letters and packages, whether they are shipped through UPS, FedEx or the USPS. In addition, you can receive all your favorite online shopping orders, care packages from your parents, or flowers from significant others on Valentine’s Day! Lastly, you can place a money order here or receive money grams.

Any questions about these resources? Want to know something that we didn’t mention? Post below and we will be sure to answer you!

Hillary Coombs is a junior at Bryant University studying International Business and Marketing minoring in Chinese and Spanish. She works during the summers at Westminster Tool blogging and updating all social media accounts as well as interning in the International Affairs office. During the fall of 2012, Hillary studied abroad in Salamanca, Spain where she held a marketing internship and perfected her Spanish language. At Bryant, she works in the Office of Planning and Institutional Research gathering crucial university data and presenting it through documents to the President, Deans, and other faculty members of Bryant University. Aside from working and studying Hillary is a member of the Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority and Omicorn Delta Kappa. Hillary finds peace of mind staying active and running in local 5K races.
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