Back To College, As Told By Seinfeld GIFs

After a long summer of internships, work, or too much sunburn, we are all happy to be back at the Dawg Pound! The beginning of the semester is always so much fun because we finally get to be back with our friends and hang out at our favorite places. While we have to get back into the grind of learning things and doing homework, the fun parts of college make it all worth it! 


Finally seeing your friends after a long summer apart: 

Getting food from your favorite Smithfield restaurant: 

The first Friday night out: 

Listening to your professors talk about Bryant policies you are already aware of: 

Having to do your own laundry again: 

 Telling people about your summer if you didn't have a good one: 

Eating ice cream for dinner because you didn't like Salmo's options: 

When you see that the halls all have new names and there are robots in the AIC: 

Leaving class on Friday after a long first full week back: 

How you feel after working and saving money over the summer: 

Realizing that your first test will be here before you know it: 

When you are just so happy to be back at your home away from home: