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9 Times Bob Ross Filled Your Heart with Joy

The man, the myth, the legend: Bob Ross.

No one else can quite make someone feel like they can conquer the world as much as this true American hero. If you ever need a ‘pick-me-up’, a laugh, a smile, or just need that little burst of inspiration, Bob Ross has got you covered. To make it easier, Her Campus decided to gather his finest moments (although, when has he really ever had a bad moment?) that will be guaranteed to make you feel invincible, or simply happier than you were before. You’re welcome.




Honestly, who has ever told you that your mistakes are “happy accidents”?! If this doesn’t make you feel content with every bad decision you may have made in the past and now  completely regret, we don’t know what will.




HIS ANIMALS. Seriously, if you have never watched an episode, we HIGHLY recommend. The best part is when he flaunts his little animal kingdom (don’t worry, you’ll see his pet deer very soon, too).




We weren’t lying when we said Bob Ross can make anyone feel like they can accomplish anything. 



He can also make anyone feel like they could become the next Picasso (or perhaps the next Bob Ross?).



Does Bob Ross have you crying in the club yet?




Bob Ross Pro Tip: He LOVES drying his brushes, and will always giggle and make a funny comment after he does. Also, the first time you witness this and hear the sound it makes, we promise you that you will laugh until you cry.




Just wait…




…and boom! Why can’t everyone’s heart be made out of the gold that Bob’s is?




What you’ve all been waiting for! Bob Ross is not only a true artist, he is also one with nature. Everyone wishes that had a person like looked at them like Bob looks at this baby deer!


We truly hope you appreciated Bob Ross and all he has to over, and decide to check out his series on Netflix. You will not be disappointed, we promise!

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