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6 Simple Ways to Look Good on Game Day

We all have to show school spirit somehow. Whether its large amounts of face paint, party beads, just a simple hat, or your loud cheers in the bleachers, those athletes will appreciate your enthusiasm. At least, they better! Here is the best game day attire that’ll have you looking good in the bleachers!

Hats, Hats, and more Hats!

Hats are always a good touch to your outfit. You can wear your hair down or up. Straight or curly. And even on those god-awful bad hair days a hat can be your best friend!

Wear your school colors in the cold!

We all know that when it’s cold, sporting games are brutal to sit through and a short sleeve college t-shirt is in no way going to keep you warm. Wear your cute fall clothes, but wear your school colors while doing it!

Cut your shirt.

Make designs with your favorite pair of scissors on that boring plain white school t-shirt. A little fringe or cut-off the shoulder is a great way to add your own style to your plain school t-shirt.

Wear your pride on your face... Literally!

Paint your whole face, body, or simply put your favorite player’s number on your cheek. Either way, body paint looks good on everyone, and it makes for an awesome Instagram picture!


Wearing party beads that match your school colors are a great and simple way to show your spirit. Also a cute headband can always add some spark to your game day outfit!

Bring your enthusiasm!

Use that voice we all know you have!  These games that you spend hours getting ready for aren’t for nothing! Cheer loud, curse the other team, and look good while doing it!


Boston Ma. Undergraduate at Bryant University. 
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