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1.  Red Velvet Heart Sandwich Cookies

2. Double Chocolate Heart Donuts

3, Marbled Red Velvet Cheesecake Hearts

4. Chocolate Sweet Hearts

5. Healthy Valentine Hearts 

6. Dirt Cake 


1 Box chocolate cake mix (bake, cool)

1 Package (no-cook) chocolate cake (make and let sit)

1 Large container of cool whip

1 Bag heath bar crushed candy

1 Package of Oreos (crushed) save a ½ cup for the top

Gunny worms (optional)


Crumble chocolate cake into large bowl

Sprinkle Oreos

Pour some chocolate pudding

Sprinkle some candy

Layer with cool whip

Repeat until out of ingredients

Last layer top with the ½ cup of Oreos



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