5 Tips to Push Through the Last 5 Weeks of the Semester

As we find ourselves with only five weeks left in the semester, we feel the stress of finishing up projects and studying for final exams hit us all at once. It is tough to find ways to organize everything that needs to get done, focus on multiple things at once, and figure out time to relax. In order to make sure that you work through it and finish strong, here are five tips to push through the last five weeks of the semester:

  1. 1. Organize Yourself on a Calendar

    Papers, exams, clubs, and so many other responsibilities are piling up, and we all know that they can get overwhelming. One of the best things you can do to help combat the craziness is put everything you need to get done in one place. Whether this means setting up a google calendar with all the events you need to attend marked down, or writing all your due dates and exams in an agenda, getting everything down in one spot gives you a clear outline of what needs to take priority.

  2. 2. Find Time to Take Breaks

    Most of us are go, go, go, especially during the end of the semester. Although getting stuff done is great, so is taking a break to go eat dinner or spend some time with friends. You’re going to get burnt out if all you do is work, so try and take small breaks throughout the day to combat the stress you may be feeling.

  3. 3. Use Your Resources

    If studying and working on your own isn’t giving you the results you need, there are plenty of resources on campus that you can go to. ACE and the Writing Center are great resources to use if you have quick drop in questions during lab hours. ACE can also be used for booking one on one appointments with tutors or writing consultants to work on more specific questions. Bryant also has resources that can be used for counseling if the struggles that you are having are outside of the academic realm or overwhelming. Counseling services is a great resource if you ever need an unbiases source to talk to.

  4. 4. Put Together a Study Plan

    It’s super important at the end of the semester to be planning out how you’re going to study for exams. We recommend coming up with a study plan that outlines what you want to study and when so that you are fully prepared for those final exams. A study plan can also include outlines for any final papers you need to write too. Whatever it is you need to get done, start planning early and ace those final exams!

  5. 5. Treat Yourself

    Rewarding yourself is arguably the most important item on this list! Make sure you treat yourself to some of your favorite things as you accomplish your goals this semester. Celebrate the small victories and do little things here and there to reward yourself for getting stuff done. You got this!!



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