5 Tips to Help With A Freshman's Adjustment to College

For many freshmen in college the adjustment is not easy. Living in a different town and being surrounded by people that you just met is definitely a little weird at first. Here are some tips that have been helpful to allow us to have an easier time getting used to the college lifestyle.

1. Stay true to yourself

In college, it is very easy to try and conform to the group of people you are surrounded by. However, if you stay true to yourself then you will naturally find the group of people you are meant to be friends with. Adjusting to college is easier when you are surrounded by a good group of people whom you click with.

2. Decorate your dorm to feel like home

When you feel more comfortable in your room then it will start to feel like home. Whether you incorporate cute lights, pictures of your friends, or even your favorite little teddy bear; having a room that you love will make you happier. Your dorm is your new home, so make it feel that way!

3. Get involved in extracurriculars

Joining clubs or other activities on campus will help you to meet new people that have similar interests. It will also help to occupy your free time in a productive way, getting your mind off homework and/or being homesick. The clubs that you join can be a safe place for you to escape from the day-to-day college activities and foster your hobbies!

4. Develop a daily routine

There is clearly a huge difference between your class schedule in college as opposed to high school. Learning how to manage your time to be productive is necessary in college. Grab a planner and schedule your days. Developing a daily routine will help you to be more organized and even benefit the grades you will be receiving in class.

5. Call home once a day

Being away from home is tough on your parents as well. They are not used to not having you around 24/7. Call your parents either once a day or once every couple of days to let them know how you’re doing. Calling home will allow you to be comforted by talking to your family. However, don’t call home too much, once a day is a good starting point. Let your family know you love them!


Adjusting to college takes time, and it’s okay if you’re still struggling. With time the college lifestyle will become more familiar to you. Try out these tips to help make college feel more like home!