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38 Zayn Lyrics that Make Perfect Instagram Captions



For You and Bae

1.     I love to hold you close, tonight and always

2.     Intoxicated it’s true, when I’m with you

3.     I lose control, when I’m with you, I hope I haven’t said too much

4.     Caught between a dream and a movie scene

5.     Her smile is all I see

6.     I need somebody to love me blue

7.     As long as you look me in the eyes I’ll go wherever you are, I’ll follow behind

8.     I’m a fool for you


For Turning Up

9.     I found my life in between shots and getting high

10.  I’m sipping pink Lucozade, we’re blazing on that new found haze

11.  Reckless behavior

12.  She always knows where the crowd’s at

13.  Bright lights, but she’s fading, feels right, she’s crazy

14.  We’re so late nights, red eyes, amnesia, on ice

15.  I take a shot for you, wasted every night, gone for every song

16.  Faded every night, dancing all night long

17.  We’re only good for the night time

18.  Smoking too much, it’s starting to fog up my clarity

19.  She is the life of the party

20.  We be drunk all summer


For Selfies

21.  Saw your face and got inspired

22.  It’s okay to want me, ’cause I want you

23.  I found my life in between a first kiss and a last goodbye

24.  Time heals pain and promotes self-soothing

25.  Am I wrong for wanting us to make it?

26.  You’re looking in the wrong place for my love

27.  I never doubted myself, but I doubted you

28.  You’re a freak like me, can’t you see?


For When You’re Over the Haters

29.  I’m gonna stay in my zone, I’m tired of picking that bone

30.  I won’t point any fingers, I won’t say it was you

31.  So say what you wanna say, shame is you won’t say that to my face


For When You’re Living that Authentic Life

32.  Free of the flash, dirt on your shoes

33.  In the clouds where the angels sing

34.  We’re off where the wind blows, and I don’t care where we go

35.  She always dances when it’s raining

36.  Heard about all the miles you’ve gone just to start again

37.  Traveling in the day but you’re still looking far to me

38.  I’m living on a wire   

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