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With summer finally here, it’s time to make sure you have everything you need for that perfect summer.  HC Bryant has compiled a list of 17 summer essentials you MUST HAVE this summer!

  1. Good Book

Everyone needs AT LEAST one good book to read at the beach this summer! Check out our HC must read list for some ideas! We know books can be expensive, especially once you have the time to read one a day, so don’t forget to use Amazon and break out your old library card to get all the books you’ve been dying to read!

  1. Good Wedges

Black, white, brown, or all three! They will spruce up any summer outfit and they go with absolutely anything! The best part is they’re comfy and easy to walk in!

  1. A big beach bag

The bigger the better! If you can find one with zipper compartments, you’ll be able to keep your valuables (phone, ipod, etc.) away from the sand. Did you know there’s even beach bags with speakers built in now! We didn’t… but now they’re being ordered….

  1. Sunscreen

You hear it every day of every year, but you’ll thank us in the future. Learn about the dangers of not wearing sunscreen before stepping into the sun and learn a few tips. There are great sunscreens out today that smell lovely, moisturize your skin, AND protect your skin, so you have no excuse! Everybody wear sunscreen!

  1. Instagram

If you’re not already on Instagram, the summer is the perfect time to get one! Instagram allows you to take fun pictures of your summer adventures and share them with your friends. Instagram is also full of great summer ideas to fill your time with… and cute puppies to look at when it rains.  Follow @HerCampusBryant on Instagram to keep up with all we do!

  1. Black Bikini

This is a girl essential because it will never go out of style, and you can mix & match the top or bottoms with any of your patterned bathingsuits.

  1. Lifeproof Case

If you’re anything like me… the summer is the perfect time to accidentally throw your phone in the pool, or bury it in sand, or drop it at a concert, etc. Get the Lifeproof case and you can do all of those things and protect your phone!

  1. Ray Bans

Florida Georgia Line isn’t the only ones who think Ray Bans have the whole world shaded…everyone can find a style that looks good on them, and you will get endless complements on them! Too expensive? Get a fake pair at a flea market and save $100 plus dollars, I promise no one will even be able to tell the difference!

  1. Beach Coverup

They’re cheap, useful, and at every store you walk into! Find one you like and you can use it for years to come!


  1. SPF chapstick

Don’t forget to protect your lips as well as your skin! Burts Bee’s carries great SPF chapsticks!

  1. White jeans

They’re the only time of year you can really wear them without someone judging you so take advantage!

  1. Beach headband

Not only are they super cute, but they also give the appearance that your hair isn’t half as frizzy as it looks! A cheap and necessary purchase!

  1. Satchel

Very practical for your active summer lifestyle! Check out  Francesca’s Collection for great bags!

  1. Beach wave spray

Turn your crazy beach hair into natural voluminous waves instantly! Try it out, its great!  If you want to mix up your own mixture, pour some salt into a spray bottle full of water and go nuts with it in your hair!

  1. Coral necklace

Great summer color that will spice up any outfit!

  1. Jean jacket

Jean Jackets have made a comeback and they’re both fashionable and practical! They go great with summer dresses, and they also keep you warm on those chilly summer nights.

  1. FROYO

Nuff said.  Make sure you ask your closest fro-yo location if they have any special member cards-they’re free and you will get free fro-yo from time to time!

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