The Ultimate Skin Protection, Tips for Being in the Sun


Springtime is every college student’s favorite time of the year. The weather gets warmer and the ultimate goal isn’t to do your homework but instead to spend as much time outside. As we all are takingevery chance we get to run out doors, there is one crucial thing we cannot forget-sun protection.
We have all heard the “wear sunscreen” speech. With my mother being a cancer nurse, I have heard this warning many times and used to roll my eyes. However, we all know moms always knows best. Skin cancer is the most preventable of all types of cancers. If you can decrease your risk of harming your skin, then why not do it? If that doesn’t convince you to protect your skin, then maybe the wrinkles which will appear (sooner than you think) can change your mind.
No matter the time of the year, it is important to have sunscreen on every day. It seems ridiculous but the sun’s rays are extremely strong, even on the cloudiest of days.
Protecting your skin is easier than you think!
Moisturizer/Lotions: Companies make it simple to put on SPF products. Pick a lotion or facial moisturizer which has a SPF. Don’t forget to apply lotion to all over your body immediately after
showering to ensure your skin soaks up the most moisture possible. Our suggestion is Vaseline’s Aloe Fresh with SPF (green bottle) and for a facial moisturizer Olay’s Complete All Day Moisturizer with
Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15— Normal.
Makeup: We love that make-up companies are realizing the need for SPF within make-up. Since make-up is a part of our daily routine, we are already in the habit of applying foundation every day. Our suggestion is to look for foundations or concealers with built in SPF. We love bareMinerals but drugstores offer an array of assortments for different skin types at all different prices.
Regular sun screen: All of the items listed above will work for daily use but cannot be relied on if you are spending extended amount of time in the sun. Chances are, on campuses collegiettes will be tanning outside whenever they get the chance. For long days out in the sun it’s better to apply regular sun screen. Make sure you put it on 15 minutes before going out in order for the sun screen to set it and be effective.
Besides sun tan lotions and make-ups, wearing the right clothing can prevent sun damage. It’s important to know what kind of skin-tone you have. People with fair skin should wear hats and take
frequent breaks from the sun. (Here’s your excuse to get out of the sun and grab a quick Starbucks or fro-yo break!) Sunglasses should be worn no matter what. Prevent those eye wrinkles early on!
Now that you are a skin-protection expert, make sure your friends are too. Spread the word about being skin-safe in the sun, your body will thank you later!