10 Things to Love About Spotify

It all started with iTunes and Pandora (even LimeWire if you remember those days)...

...But, the music platform game has become a competitive world since others have been launched. We’re here to talk about our personal favorite, Spotify, and all its glory for us music lovers.

Between those stuck on using Pandora or those Apple Music loyalists, Spotify is offering many new features to differentiate itself from the older-established platforms.

So, what is it about Spotify that won us over?

  1. 1. Customized Playlists

    From offering “This is [Insert Artist Here]” playlists to mood and event playlists, Spotify has it all.

    The amount of pre-made playlists that you have at your fingertips with Spotify is unreal! They make us wonder how they’re so good at this…

  2. 2. Personalized Profiles

    You can connect your profile to your Facebook account, follow friends and your favorite artists, you can even connect your profile to Tinder and pick an anthem for prospective SOs to see.

    This feature gives it a more social media-like feel compared to other music platforms. It allows you to see what our friends are listening to in real-time and share our music!

    Also, you can even choose cover photos for your playlists and make your profile just the way you like it. How cool is that?!

  3. 3. Spotify Premium

    Spotify offers great deals if you want to pay for premium (only $4.99 for students!).

    Premium gives you ad-free music and lets you listen anytime, anywhere, even if you don’t have access to wifi or data! What could be better?

  4. 4. Spotify Radio Stations

    We love Spotify’s radio stations. They help you listen to your favorites you may have forgotten about and also provide you with some new tunes you’ve never heard before!

    The best part? You can choose an artist for the station to be based on, giving you exactly the songs and mood you want at any time!

  5. 5. Downloadable Albums and Songs

    Part of Spotify Premium is allowing you to listen to music, even when you’re offline. What is also great is that you can download albums and songs straight to your profile, essentially making your own music library – no need to rely on playlists!

  6. 6. Spotify Offers Most of the Popular Podcasts!

  7. 7. Global Top 50

    Spotify has a Global Top 50 and a “Charts” feature that lets you explore music globally! We love having the ability to expand our musical horizons and see what people around the world are listening to.

  8. 8. Easily Discover New Music

    Spotify is all about providing listeners with new music and up and coming artists.

    This is one of our favorite things about the platform: we don’t have to go searching for artists’ names or any of their songs, we are provided with new music nearly every day right in front of us.

    We love supporting artists that are trying to get their name out there!

  9. 9. Concert Information

    Spotify even provides users with concert information (say what??)!

    Search any artists and there will be a ‘Concerts’ tab that follows their overview and ‘About’ section. We never knew we needed all of this background information for music streaming, but we are sure glad to have it now!

  10. 10. Individualized Notifications

    Depending on how you set up your notifications or give Spotify the permission to send you push notifications, the platform can send you individualized messages whenever something you may like is released. Now you can know right away when your favorite artists debut new music!

Now it's up to you to explore these features for yourself! We promise you won't regret it.




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