10 Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

With Thanksgiving about a month away, it is a great time to start thinking of outfits to wear to everyone’s favorite all-you-can-eat buffet!

Whether you celebrate in a formal or casual setting, this will be the perfect guide for you to get a jump start on your outfit planning!

  1. 1. Leggings!!

    Leggings are key to surviving the meal without having to secretly unbutton your jeans at the dining room table!

  2. 2. Oversized Sweaters

    Any oversized top for a food centralized holiday like Thanksgiving will always work out in everyone’s favor.

    More importantly, they can be paired with any bottoms you desire!

  3. 3. Plaid Skirt

    This may give some private school students horrible flashbacks, but this is becoming a trendy style that can be paired with any comfy sweater or long sleeve.

  4. 4. Teddy Bear Jacket

    This trend made its way into Fall 2019 and it is here to stay! 

    While being a stylish add-on to an outfit, it also brings a comfy aspect to your time at the Thanksgiving table.

  5. 5. Turtlenecks

    A classic outfit option! If you are feeling ambitious you can pair your turtleneck with jeans and a cute leather belt.

  6. 6. Scarves

    A simple fall accessory that can go a long way! Your scarf will add more character and flair to your outfit.

  7. 7. Cardigans

    A cardigan is perfect if you are not in the mood for a full sweater look but still want a cozy vibe.

  8. 8. Corduroy Pants

    These may seem out of style, but they are making their way back in for sure!

  9. 9. Sweater Dress

    The sweater dress is a timeless option that can be paired with knee-high boots or a scarf!

  10. 10. Leather Skirt

    A riskier approach to Thanksgiving, but can be calmed down with a sweater and a pair of booties!

We hope these ideas help you come up with the perfect Thanksgiving outfit that will have you looking your best in those family photos (and the most comfortable around the table)!




Cover | Gif graphics by Giphy