10 Reasons Why We Love Olivia Pope

So if you haven’t heard, we are in love with ABC’s hit show Scandal, but more importantly we’re in love Olivia Pope.

1.       Number one, she trusts her intuition.

2.       And she believes in herself, which is why she’s so successful.

3.       She keeps her true friends close.

4.       We can only hope to pull off a pant suit as well as Olivia does.

5.       Or anything as well as she does.

6.       She’s polite, but she knows what she wants… wine.

7.       She also enjoys the finer things in life … like wine… lots and lots of wine.

8.       She knows her worth.

9.       Which is probably why Fitz and Jake are in love with her.

10.   And she knows how to put them in their place.

Because that’s what gladiators do.