10 Jewelry Fads You Totally Forgot About

WHAT were we thinking?!

Spiky Rubber Earrings

When we weren’t quite good at matching…


You’ll want to dust these off because they’re backkkkk!

Silly Bandz

We were probably too old for these… but that didn’t stop us.

Mood Rings

You didn’t know what mood you were in, so you obviously needed a piece of 99 cent jewelry to tell you.

Slap Bracelets

Beauty is pain!

Puka Shells

So everyone in your 5th grade class knew you just got back from vacation.


And chances are you had a dolphin pendant.

Candy Necklaces

So practical!

Sailor’s Bracelets

They gave us the tan lines to prove we had great summers.

The Claire’s Multipack

When your mom gave you $5 to spend at the mall, this is what you spent it on.