Working Out in Quarantine

Well I have some resources for you! 

1. Tik Tok  

You can be skeptical, but trust me some of these Tik Tok workouts are really hard! I did a booty workout linked here by @endicci and could only get through half of it. She also has a lot of other great videos for targeting any area at home with little to no equipment. 

(Remember to use weights or resistance bands if you want to build booty, though.)

@blogilates on Tik Tok is also really great. She has softer music and incorporates pilates moves into her workouts. Here is one I liked on targeting inner thighs. 


2. Sworkit Fitness App

This app is highly rated and perfect if you’re just starting your fitness journey or if you are looking for a home workout. It is customizable to your goals and interests, and offers options to change how long your breaks last among other things. Whether you want to focus on yoga or strength training, there are lots of options and great virtual instructors. The app is also cheaper than the price of a gym membership! $9.99 monthly, or $59.99 annually. 


3. Instagram 

Strong women teaching me hot workout tips in cute Gymshark outfits? Yes please. 

@califullerfit is amazing. Her ~aesthetic~ is to die for and so are her workouts. Here  is a link to an ab workout that as her caption says, will make it hurt to laugh. 

@cristinacapron on Instagram is another of my favorites. She kindly lists where her outfits and equipment are from on each post. Better yet, she has a fitness business and sells her own workout bands, extra strength scrunchies, and other cute stuff. I love the colors of her resistance bands- from sunset orange to dalmation print! is her business site, and here is one of my favorite workouts by her. 


4. YouTube 

A classic. Here is a 10 minute ab workout by model Alexis Ren that has

cool music, a timer for each exercise, and over 28 million views. 

Emi Wong on Youtube is also really great. Here is a link to her 15 minute NO JUMPING HIIT workout, designed by Emi who is an advanced certified personal trainer and also a marketing professional in Hong Kong (#Powerful). I love that this particular workout burns fat but is easy on your joints. 


Hopefully you get a good sweat with these while quarantining at home, but I think they’re awesome even in non-COVID circumstances. I plan on doing these in my dorm come fall semester to stay in shape. To end with something inspirational I’m putting in a Legally Blonde quote. 


“I just don't think that Brooke could've done this. Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands, they just don't.” - Elle Woods on fitness mogul and fellow Delta Nu Brooke being accused of murder.