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A Woman’s Guide to Internship Season

Welcome back from break, ladies! As school gets underway, there are more opportunities heading our way! That’s right! It’s internship season. As if schoolwork wasn’t enough, you now have to search online, network, run to the career lab, and a bunch of other things to make sure that your summer plans are set. The most nerve-wracking part? The interview. But, have no fear! You were born ready for this! I’ve got a list of fashion pointers and tips to ensure that you hop off the struggle bus and smoothly sail to your dream internship.



Once upon a time, a radio host asked Lauren Conrad what her favorite position was. She said CEO. I said, yes ma’am! Tell him! If we could just pause for a brief moment, can someone please tell me why women always asked these sexual questions? I have hardly heard of women being interviewed about their goals in life. I don’t wake up thinking about how sexy I’m going to look for society today. I’m checking my calendar, going through my to-do list, and answering emails. I have things to attend to and I really need people to get with it.


With that being said, let’s get back to making sure that we are all dressed professionally to execute our favorite professional positions. Here is a quick list of staples you should have in your closet in case you are called in for a chat about your dream job.



1. A blazer is completely necessary to have. It doesn’t have to be an expensive brand. I got my staple blazer during a sale at Forever 21. You just need to make sure that it fits correctly. Is it long enough for your arms? Can you button it and still have room to move? Can you walk around in it without feeling stuffy or stiff? How does it fit with a thicker cloth under it? These are a few of the questions you should ask yourself while shopping. Also, it is best to go with black.  Extra tip alert! Make sure that what you are looking at is actually black and not a dark blue or navy. In addition, best to go shopping in person for this. Buying online is very, very risky!


My favorite places to get this lovely item? Try Forever 21, H&M, the J.Crew sale rack, the Madewell sale rack, Charlotte Russe, and Express. Also, if you have a little extra time, don’t be afraid to go thrifting!


2. High-waisted work pants. Yes, yes, yes! These wonders save the day. If you pair it with your blazer, a completely classy look is created. Just make sure that your pants aren’t too tight! I’m not talking high-waisted black jeggings. Actual pants material! Also, a black belt is the safest thing to go with because you don’t know what color your shirt is going to be. Buy your belt with the pants so you know these two items complement each other.


Where to look? The Gap sale rack and New York & Company have some great things!


3. A sleek work bag. I believe that a person feels more powerful when they are organized. Organization is especially important during an interview. Make sure that you have a bag that can fit any folders, pencils, or pens that may be necessary during the interview. You don’t want to fumble for any of these materials while you are in front of a potential employer. Also, make sure that it isn’t anything too flashy. It can’t be a bag that you use to go out to a bar. Solid, dark colors are best so your bag can automatically match with your outfit. It is also beneficial to grab a bag that has more than one type of strap. Walking around a city landscape? It’s better to get a bag that you can cross over in order to protect your things. It also allows you to carry other things in hand, such as your phone, a map, a business card, or a quick bite to eat or drink.


Where to find this? Forever 21 is my favorite spot. Their bag selection is truly on point. H&M is a close second. Remember! You can’t return accessories at Forever 21 so make sure that you pick a bag that you love and will definitely use.


Well, that’s the brief list! Have any more ideas? Feel free to comment below. Let’s go ‘em, colligettes

Isabelle is a native New Yorker from Great Neck, Long Island. She is currently a sophomore at Brown University. Throughly in love with medicine and media, she hopes to become a medical correspondent for a major news outlet. When she isn't DJing for 95.5 WBRU or writing for HerCampus, you can find her on the elliptical watching Scandal. Or, in her room watching Scandal. Depends on the day. She also loves the color green, is obsessed with smoothie making, and loves to rep her Haitian heritage.
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