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As we are currently in the reading period, it is time to use time management skills at full capacity in order so we can prepare for the final exams! We are also approaching the end of the semester which means that it is time to sit down and reflect. On that note, here are some productivity and goal-setting techniques that I find extremely effective:

Productivity Technique No.1 – Pomodoro Technique 

I use the Pomodoro Technique when I am working on smaller assignments. I usually set a timer for 25 minutes to work without any distractions and then I give myself a 5-minute break before repeating the cycle. This is a helpful technique because it helps me build focus while taking many breaks in between, however, there are times when my tasks do not fit into the 25-minute sessions. In those cases, I use a different technique such as time blocking.

Productivity Technique No.2 – Time Blocking

Time Blocking is a time management technique where each task you have to do gets assigned to a time block. I find this technique very useful because it helps me focus on one longer task at a time without feeling overwhelmed. Furthermore, it also accounts for the free time I do not usually plan such as short breaks or checking my notifications. 

Goal-Setting Technique No.1 – Ideal Week Method

Many of us use Google Calendar to organize our schedules and coordinate events with others. Google Calendar offers a feature where you can create calendars for different categories to personalize them even further. The Ideal Week Method involves creating a new calendar and adding all the essential tasks, goals, and your routines to it. You can hide and see this calendar whenever you want and remind yourself of the balance you aim to achieve and work towards it.

Goal-Setting Technique No.2: Anti-Goals Technique

The name of this technique sounds contradictory but it is essentially a different way of viewing goal-setting. It encourages you to consider what it is that you want to avoid and prevent from happening in your daily life. This technique helps to establish boundaries and remind yourself of what is important to you from a different lens. For example, instead of setting a conventional goal like “Increase afternoon productivity.”, you can set an anti-goal like “Do not work on homework past midnight.” This technique flips the script of traditional goal-setting and might be more effective for you!

There are many other productivity techniques and goal-setting techniques out there! I suggest you research and experiment to find the most suitable for you as the semester comes to an end!

Lyra Ymeraga is a student at Brown University. She is one of the writers for Her Campus and her articles focus on self-improvement and fashion. Lyra studies Computer Science and Entrepreneurship. Furthermore, she is a board member of Fashion at Brown as one of the Industry Programming Directors and she is also part of the design team. She is involved with Women in Business and is a member of the Kappa Delta Sorority. In her free time, she likes to journal, exercise, and have spa days!