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Providence Stores That Will *Save* Your Spring Break Packing

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Brown chapter.

With Spring Break in 2 weeks, I am sure that most of you have already made plans, whether going back home, traveling with friends, or staying in our lovely Providence. After establishing your spring break’s “who” and “where,” it’s time to address the question of what to pack for Spring Break! The answer may surprise you as you don’t have to look that far – Providence shops are an ideal solution.

The safest option, especially in a time crunch, is going to the Providence Place mall. With many stores selling clothes, shoes, snacks, etc., allocating one block of time can easily complete the job in one trip! Good quality and multiple options are guaranteed, so I highly recommend it if you are stressed or under a lot of time pressure.

Moving on to more unique options, Wayland Square has a lot of hidden gems. Assuming that you will be going somewhere warm for Spring Break, Wayland Avenue is a must-visit. With Lululemon on the corner, athletic outerwear can easily be handled. As far as summer leisure clothes are concerned, J. McLaughlin provides options that range from girly dresses and skirts to casual shorts and jeans. In a similar vibe, Green Ink offers multiple options, especially if your destination does not require beachwear, with the additional benefit of providing frequent sale discounts.

While in Wayland Square, make sure you stop for a snack at Madrid European Bakery & Patisserie or L’artisan Bakery. Whether you are looking for a break from shopping or snacks for Spring Break, you can’t go wrong with either option. If you are a cookie lover and enjoy the pink aesthetic, Feed the Cheeks is a must that should not be missed.

Saving the best for last: Main Street, next to the river, may be a surprise. Capucine is a small, hard-to-notice store that, on the inside, offers pants and sweaters from beloved brands such as AGOLDE. Being in between a hair salon and a jewelry store, your spring break looks can be spiced up with a new hairstyle or some new accessories. When hungry on Main Street, Dave’s Coffee is necessary for avocado toast and coffee. After your snack break, Main Street has multiple thrift shops that can help you find some unexpected Spring Break clothing items.
Wherever you decide to go for your Spring Break shopping, make sure you have a list of what you want to buy, but keep an open mind for some unanticipated finds! Even better, try to make it a friend group activity to have the most fun as you prepare for the much-needed Spring Break!

Have fun besties!

Athina is a junior from Greece studying Business Economics and Behavioral Decision Sciences. In her free time, she enjoys going to the gym and spending time with friends!