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My Top 5 Providence Restaurant Recommendations

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There’s nothing better than having a go-to guide for your serene lunch strolls and festive nights out. Whether you’re embarking on a nerve-racking first date or a spontaneous night with the girls, this ‘chef’s kiss’ guide will help you pick the right place for the perfect occasion!


Where you launch your foodie expertise

Atmosphere: Dynamic environment perpetuated with a lively crowd 

Decor: Open cuisine and open windows eliciting a cool yet prestigious ‘in-n-out’ vibe 

Cuisine: American with a twist of Italian, specializing in ‘petite’ dishes of fish and pasta

Best dish(es): On their seasonal fall menu, the Fish Crudo will refresh your taste buds, and the Paccheri alla Nerano will bring all of your food fantasies to life

Overall rating: 10/10 :)


Where you indulge in tiny but mighty portions

Atmosphere: Intertwining elements of chicness and a family-style sentiment

Decor: Minimalist and soothing

Cuisine: Modern American with touches of international culinary traditions

Best dish(es): The renowned Black Spaghetti will irrevocably alter your perception of what ‘perfect pasta’ is, and the Salmon Tartare Bites offer a glimpse of what heaven tastes like

Overall rating: 9.5/10


Where you feel like your parents are with you

Atmosphere: Posh and ready for a celebration

Decor: Neoclassical prestige that teleports you out of Providence 

Cuisine: Modern take on authentic Italian

Best dish(es): The Pappardelle alla Bellini will highlight the cuisine’s contemporary flare and will elicit craving cues for a week 

Overall rating: 8.5/10


Where you dine on the city’s finest burgers and beers

Atmosphere: Local and cozy, which makes you feel at home while still being the ideal place for a fun meetup

Decor: Warm n’ wooden with fairy lights lining the entryway

Cuisine: American burger shop

Best dish(es): Their one and only House Burger will make you drool just from the smell of their signature Chomp Sauce

Overall rating: 8/10

Pasta Beach

Where you enjoy both laid-back occasions and big gatherings

Atmosphere: Young, entertaining and colloquial, which makes it ideal for a plethora of occasions

Decor: Beachy yet modern

Cuisine: Authentic Italian

Best dish(es): Their Prosciutto di Parma pizza will for sure make it to your top 5 pizza list, while the Spaghetti alle Vongole submerges your taste buds in a rich and spicy flavor

Overall rating: 7/10

Stay hungry, my friends!

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Hi my name is Sofia and I am a junior from Greece concentrating in Behavioral Decision Science with the Entrepreneurship path. Outside class I love cooking while listening to music, spending quality time with friends and family, and taking my dog to the beach. Coming from Greece, I love being immersed in water and enjoy kite surfing, wake surfing and swimming (especially with my dog of course, I don't go anywhere without her). I also enjoy playing tennis with friends and spontaneously composing piano pieces.