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Not too diss the Ratty, but how many nights can you really spend eating chicken and fries there in a row? Luckily, Providence is full of restaurants and cafes that won’t make you miss Brown’s dining options. Whether you just want to change it up, or you are looking for places to bring your family this weekend, here is a short, but yummy, list…

(Price range: $ = inexpensive, $$ = average, $$$ = relatively expensive)


The Duck and Bunny

Price: $$

Fav Item: The Chubby Ella Sweetery Crêpe

Description: This upscale eatery is less casual than most brunch places on Wickenden, but it’s definitely worth it. Be prepared to sit down (with tablecloths) and leave feeling full.


The Shop

Price: $$Fav Item: Avocado + toast

Description: The Shop has some of the nicest servers and THE best avocado toast around. If it’s not crowded, and you can work with music playing, it is a great place to do homework or just hangout.


Pasta Beach

Price: $$

Fav Item: Spaghetti alla Carbonara or Parma & Mozzarella

Description: Pasta Beach is the perfect Italian-American option for when you’re craving some great food but don’t want to fully commit to dressing up for dinner. It’s definitely a nice restaurant, but the vibe is fun and chill rather than fancy and uptight. It’s also relatively within walking distance. Would 10/10 recommend trying.


Bolt x RISD museum cafePrice: $

Fav Item: Iced Latte + Parfait Bowl

Description: Bolt Coffee, for starters, is insane. Pair this with the artistic, fun ambiance of RISD and you instantly have an awesome, quirky coffee shop that is a great study environment or place to de-stress. Bonus points for visiting the museum after!



Price: $$$

Fav Item: RI Beef Tartare

Description: Only open Thursday to Monday, Oberlin has enthusiastic servers, small portions, and despite being pricey, amazing food (perfect for parents weekend). Yes, it’s downtown, but it’s worth the commute.


Benefit Juice Bar

Price: $$

Fav Item: Caprese Panini or Antioxidant Blend smoothie

Description: Known for their paninis and smoothies, and their special smoothie bowls if they have them, Benefit Juice Bar is the perfect place to get some work done and eat good food on the weekends.


Salted Slate

Price: $$$

Fav Item: Roasted Chicken Breast

Description: Definitely on the fancier side, but great for Brunch, Lunch, or Dinner. This healthy option is very farm-to-table-esq, and it’s a good place to go if you’re feeling nutritious but want to eat something other than lettuce.


Flatbread Company

Price: $$

Fav Item: Jay’s Heart Pizza

Description: The best way to describe Flatbread is to picture your classic rustic brick-oven pizza place, combined with the most stereotypically Providence-vibe atmosphere. The pizza is awesome (not to mention single serving size!) and it’s a solid place option for groups.



Price: $$

Fav Item: Sunshine Roll

Description: Every college campus needs a contendable BYOB option nearby, and Sakura is Brown’s. With both really good sushi and a fun environment, Sakura is a perfect place to go with a group of friends (they even have a back room for big groups) before a night out, or to make as your sole destination for the night if you prefer to sit back, relax, split a bottle of wine, and enjoy some solid sushi. It has even been known to be referred to as, “Better than Nobu!” ?


Al Forno Restaurant

Price: $$$

Fav Item: Rigatoni with Veal Bolognese

Description: Al Forno is hands down the best food I’ve had since I’ve been in Providence, and I would recommend it over and over again. There is no bad item on the menu. The only minor pitfall is that they don’t take reservations for groups smaller than six, so you’re really hedging your bets if you show up on a busy night.


Mill’s Tavern

Price: $$$

Fav Item: Glazed Ora King Salmon

Description: This is a great option for Family Weekend, mostly just because of how expensive it is. The food is spectacular though, so it’s money well spent. It has a tavern-y vibe and it’s right down the hill on N Main!


Bagel Gourmet Olé

Price: $Fav Item: Bacon, egg, and cheese with avocado on a plain bagel

Description: Perfect for an inexpensive breakfast, anything from breakfast burritos to just bagels, right on Thayer!

Madeleine is a rising junior at Brown University, studying International and Public Affairs with a concentration in Development.
Nora is the Campus Correspondent for Brown University's chapter. She is a Junior from New York studying Applied Math-Economics. Her interests are writing, painting, and playing tennis.
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