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Anna Schultz-Girl Sitting On Bed Facing Wall
Anna Schultz-Girl Sitting On Bed Facing Wall
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5 Ways to Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Brown chapter.

It’s been a few weeks since move-in and hopefully everyone’s settling down into routines and getting well-adjusted to living in the dorms. But, if you’re starting to miss home a little bit (which is so normal!) or just want to spice up your room, here are five simple tips to make your room at school even more just like your room at home.

add Posters & Pictures

Putting up posters, pictures, or any other wall decor is a great way to express yourself and bring some color to empty walls. Most importantly, however, they can serve as a reminder of the places and people you love. On my wall, I have posters of my favorite travel destinations and pictures of my high school friends, my dog, and of home.

get a Couch or Beanbag

If you are lucky enough to have a big room, a couch can be the perfect addition as another comfy place to lounge. Your guests can also enjoy the couch when hanging out in your room! If you don’t seem to have the space for a full couch, a beanbag will just have the same effect.

adjust your lighting

Dorm fluorescent lights can be a lot, especially when winding-down at night. LED or fairy lights are a great way to create a nice ambiance and switch up the vibe!

invest in a diffuser

Aromatherapy has proven to ease stress, boost relaxation, and improve sleep. In addition to these health benefits, these calming scents can make your room feel more homy and cozy. Seasonal scents such as nutmeg and maple for fall are also a good idea!

keep Snacks nearby

Whenever I go home, I always make sure to return with a bag of my favorite childhood snacks that I can’t buy in the US. Having snacks in general is super useful for when you get hungry and there are no dining halls open, but they can also remind you of home or of childhood!

Blossom is a sophomore at Brown University from Hong Kong studying Behavioral Decision Sciences and Economics. Beyond Her Campus, she is a part of Kappa Delta Sorority and Hong Kong Students Association. She enjoys going to coffee shops, traveling to new countries, going on walks, and hanging out with friends and her dog.