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10 Fashion Trends Blooming this Spring

Our daily pandemic mantra of “dressed up to go nowhere” segues to the budding season of spring.  Whether you’re a veteran fashionista or just now getting into the jigsaw puzzle that is refining your unique stylistic flare, here are 10 silhouette and color-scheme trends that are governing the spring 2021 fashion scene. 

1. Knitwear

From cropped to longer, boho-style ones, knitwear cardigans and jumpers are a must-have this spring. Be on the lookout for knits in pastel shades such as light yellow, lilac, sage and lime green, true blue, tangerine, and lavender.


2. Patterns patterns patterns 

One of the trends that bridges retro and futuristic fashion, funky and psychedelic patterns are spotting everywhere. One of the boldest moves that has visually paid off this season is mixing prints. That funky-patterned baby tee and those pink cheetah pattern shorts you’ve not plucked the courage up to mesh? Go for it. 


3. Trench coat silhouettes with high knee boots 

Wild west meets street girl meets businesswoman. But hey — it works! 


4. Shimmer pants 

A trend for the bold, glitter/shimmer pants will surely make you stand out amongst spring’s flowers. Even if you haven’t been as confident going with daring fashion choices, give this one a try, especially in pink or purple shaded pants. Time to shine! 


5. La Manso-style rings

Inspired by Adriana Manso’s colorful recycled plastic rings, La Manso-style rings are 90s-inspired, fun, oversized plastic rings that have been approved by celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, Devon Carlson, and Michelle Li. Another choice for the risk-taking fashionistas of the world, this accessory is hard to miss, and so will you be while wearing them.



Brown colors are finally taking up their deserved space on Instagram and Pinterest feeds. 

From chocolate brown to caramel to more neutral tones, brown is the new black. Brown has also proved to be a respectable rival when it comes to monochromatic outfits. A previously underrated color, brown has clamored major attention both on runaways and in street style. 


7. Corsets 

The surge in corset purchases can mainly be attributed to the hit Netflix series “Bridgerton,” and we’re not made about it! The vintage piece can easily be worn as a top, but it’s versatile enough to be placed over shirts and over shirt dresses for a tasteful silhouette. 


8. Faux fur trims

A trend seen on coats for a few winters now, faux fur trims have been recently spotted in long-sleeved tops. Reminiscing of the powerful flair cuts of the 80s, faux fur trims verify this season’s fashion mantra: outside-of-the-box. 


9. Collared shirts 

Collars are making their debut in casual fashion. A commoner in the workplace, collars are a street style staple, frequently paired with an oversized crew neck or knit sweater. Tip: finesse this look with a sporty headband. 


10. Pop-color blazers 

Blazers are an untouchable classic since forever; this spring, the alchemy of pop-colors makes them a force to be reckoned with. Don’t be surprised if workwear outfits in matching sets are sold out! 




Facing a color combo embarras du choix? Make it pop with these color blocking combos for the brave: green with brown, pink with purple, blue with orange, and green with blue. 

Cecilia is a sophomore from Greece studying Comparative Literature and Theatre Arts & Performance Studies.
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