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Cecilia Sarantopoulos


Cecilia Sarantopoulos is the chapter leader and editor-in-chief of Her Campus at Brown University. She oversees the chapter's published content, social media presence, and brand deals.

Beyond Her Campus, Cecilia is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Literature (focusing on English & French) and Theatre Arts. With a keen eye for storytelling, she is interested in pursuing copywriting full-time after graduating in December 2023. Her written work on culture and style has been featured in prestigious publications, such as Marie Claire and Huffington Post.

Cecilia is also a classically trained ballerina and a published poet. In her free time, she stays updated with media trends and the current digital landscape, with a soft spot for all things Disney. Enjoying a warm cup of tea, engaging in water sports, and watching a classic rom-com round out her list of beloved pastimes.