Overnight Beauty Tips with Honey

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Honey is not only used for food, it is also used for feminine beauty as well! Here is how honey can be used as so....

Dry Lips

Exfoliate your lips and apply a thin layer of raw honey on your lips before going to bed, to wake up to soft, smooth lips.


Apply raw honey to the affected area and cver it with a bandage. Leave it overnight and rinse with water the next morning.

Split Ends

Get rid of split ends overnight by using honey mixed with olive oil. Apply it just to the ends of your hair to moisture and treat the dry ends.

Glowing Skin

Mix one part raw honey with two parts pure aloe vera gel. Apply this on your face before you go to bed.

Lighten Hair

Mix honey with chamomile tea. Spray the mixture on your hair and use a shower cap to cover your hair. Let it sit overnight.


Apply a thin layer of raw, organic honey on the scar. Leave it on overnight.


Mix honey with lemon juice. Apply to effective areas at bedtime.