All Hail Her Campus!

Your number one source to the full college experience. Her Campus, being the top women’s collegiate magazine in the world. Having more than 7,000 contributors from more than 300 chapters, this magazine is truly the number one place to go to for all that college has to offer. Her campus, not only here to bring you college information, but has formulated their platform to become the hub that you can go to for anything.


Her campus is not only a platform for college students to use, but members range from ages as early as 16 years old, to alumni. Since it is an online magazine, the platform makes it easy for you to share articles that you choose to write about. Her campus works by aspiring writers submitting as many articles as they would like to per week under their specialized profile, which is also their personal platform. With this, you have the power of viewing, not only your content but another contributors’ content.      


With more than 10+ sections ranging from a number of topics, such as fashion, beauty and health, her campus also thrives on making sure the collegiate woman is prepared by showcasing a number of helpful resources including, information about career paths, internships, job offers, help with interviews, guiding you to your own specified and unique career choice and much more! Since it is a safe haven for aspiring writers, journalists and even readers to go to, they make sure to never forget about things in life that are equally as important. Covering subjects from everyday media topics and news to controversial issues such as sex, relationships, and politics.


They also give you the option to connect with the different writers and the founders by participating in polls, questionnaires, and frequent giveaways. They have an online store where you can purchase Her Campus merchandise and represent all that this female empowerment organization has to offer. Students who start off by writing for this online magazine, have spawned a legacy in their desired career. I mean this to its entirety. People who have launched their careers starting off on Her Campus, have gotten full time gigs and internships at the world’s top grossing magazines including Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Paper and GQ. Some have also been granted the opportunity to work for leading newspapers as well, such as Sun Sentinel, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and various others.


Her campus is lots of things, it’s lively, it is an astonishing learning experience, and it’s a chance for you to get a head-start on your career. For all of the beautiful, outspoken and talented women who have a passion for the arts, this one’s for you.