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Up and Coming Deadlines? No Worries, Here Are 3 Steps To Have A Balanced Day

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bristol chapter.

Am I writing this with a pending deadline this week? Maybe. Am I writing this as a form of procrastination? Maybe. Am I writing this because I care about the academic success of all Her Campus readers…ding ding ding! 

It is often assumed that we uni students get it easy. We attend a few lectures, party, and repeat. However true as this may be generally, as of right now, it couldn’t be farther from it.  

As the slump of the academic term has arrived with Christmas long behind us, summer feels close but not close enough; academic deadlines are grasping and swinging us by the neck, violently. 

And like me, if you’re living in the library more than home this season, here’s a very quick guide (so you can return to your studies) on how you can have a balanced day. After all, you’re an academic weapon. 


To have a balanced day, you need to plan said day. Create a schedule the night before – it’s easy, effective and fun, as it allows you to be creative.

Whether you want to wake up earlier or step foot in a library, set goals you want to complete, but be realistic! Saying “complete assignment” as a ‘to do’ will not make you ‘do’. Cut it down to organise and prioritise your assignment e.g., “Read Chapter 1”. But also, don’t forget to schedule the remainder of your day including breaks, and activities. 

You will be surprised with how much you can do. Sound less stressful? 


25-30% of UK uni students regularly skip meals with breakfast being skipped the most. In my experience, it’s usually in favour of an extra lie-in or if I’m running late to a 9 am so no judgement here, we’ve all done it. 

However, for the best chance to have a productive, balanced day, regularly skipping meals is a no-no. Its links to worsened physical and mental health, most specifically, your attention, memory, and concentration performance make for even a small bowl of cornflakes in the morning to be a day-saving decision. 

That said, a balanced diet is also crucial for energising and enriching your well-being. I recommend reading this Her Campus article for more info!

This doesn’t mean you can’t have a little sweet treat again; we all need something to look forward to in this academic climate. 


To restate the words of legendary Study-Tuber Eve Bennett “I don’t care if your exam [deadline] is tomorrow, don’t stay up all night”. 

Like healthy eating, ensuring you’re sleeping, and resting well is just as important as an effective library sesh. At best, try and get your 7-8 hours in, if not, schedule some time in the day for a nap – again, no judgement. 

On top of this, making sure you schedule for things that make you feel relaxed can help relieve some stress. Getting a coffee, going for a walk, or eating at your favourite restaurant will take your mind off the constant academic grind and perhaps allow you to discuss with your friends. 

Chances are, they are feeling the same way as you.

But remember, everyone’s ‘balanced day’ is different. Some of us thrive off the idea of a 12-hour study grind – and yes, I am looking at you weirdly if that’s you. But also, taking the time to plan, eat, and rest will ensure you become the most effective and deadliest academic weapon. 

A balanced day in this academic season is simply reminding you to take time for your mental and physical health. No time is wasted if you do that.  

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