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Unless you’ve being living under a rock you’ll have noticed that sadly beloved ‘Sandwich Sandwich’ has gone and been replaced by ‘Eat A Pitta’ opposite Wills Memorial Building.


Initially, I was sceptical, Sandwich Sandwich was one of my favourites, the salad bar was second to none. However, falafel, pitta bread and hummus are some of my favourite foods so I went in with an open mind and I must say, a hungry one.


The first thing I noticed when I walked in was the beautiful colours. The different foods are all piled high in beautiful Moroccan styled bowls, just looking at the options was mouth-watering, especially the bowl brimming with hummus; I was excited.  The main choices are a hummus bowl, classic falafel in a box and classic falafel in a pitta. I’d had a recommendation from a friend to try the hummus bowl so decide to give it a go, and for £4.00 I must say I was not disappointed. The bowl was firstly filled with a modest portion of hummus, covering the whole bottom of the container. Then, Moroccan styled chickpeas, tabbouleh and 3 pieces of freshly made falafel were added. Finally, a choice of sauces, including mild chilli, hot chilli and tahini and many more, along with a pitta bread on the side for dipping. 


The hummus bowl was delicious. The mixture of flavour and textures is perfectly crafted and the pitta bread on the side means you can mop up all the goodness when you’ve finished eating the falafel, they seem to have thought of everything! The friendly staff and fast nature of Eat A Pitta only add to the experience. Eat A Pitta has become one of my favourite lunchtime spots. I usually stick to the hummus bowl but have tried the classic falafel in a box (where they give you 5 pieces of falafel and all the salad) which I also enjoyed thoroughly. The portions are massive and I usually share with a friend, meaning that it works out at £2.00 each for a fresh healthy lunch.


Ultimately, there are days when I miss Sandwich Sandwich but I would defiantly miss Eat A Pitta more if it wasn’t there. It has become a favourite among my friends and I go most weeks for at least one lunch. The only downside is the loyalty card system is, in my opinion, quite poor as customers only get one free canned drink after 8 purchases. If it was a free hummus bowl Eat A Pitta would probably be my favourite place ever and not just in Bristol.


If you haven’t been go and check it out at 21a queens Rd BS8 1QE. Or alternatively have a look at their website:






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