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Positive Habits to take into Post-Quarantine


2020 is (finally) at its end and though it was dominated by the various lockdowns that plagued the year, there can be something to learn from our experience. Now, if you’re like me, you spent the first few weeks of quarantine in bed watching Netflix as the one silver lining from this was the unique experience of having endless free time and what to do with it. However, there are some positives to take from our time in doors even though the end of lockdown is still some time off.




Last year the nation became gripped by icons such as Joe Wicks and Chloe Ting, the Kings and Queens of indoor working out. For many, lockdown posed the ideal time to get into shape but with gyms closed the internet was the place to be. With routines lasting for around 10 minutes, these can offer a far more convenient way of working out during a busy working day.



Letting Go of Beauty Standards 

With few reasons to leave the house last year, I found myself using makeup less and less until by the time we were allowed out again (briefly), I was unbothered by going out makeup free. This raised the question for me as to why I was wearing makeup, as most the time, it wasn’t for myself. After lockdown, I’ve started to view how I present myself differently, as whilst indulging in dressing up now and again, not every day needs to be an occasion.



Prioritising your time 

During the first few weeks of Lockdown, routine became very important; it was easy for each day to melt into the other, waking up too late in the day with nothing but T.V to enjoy. Eventually implementing a simple yet effective routine helped combat the feeling of ‘nothingness’ the days brought, waking up at a set time every day, staying active, reading, baking or any other hobbies to stay productive. Uni life can feel overwhelming at times, so keeping to routine can help take control and prioritise your time.


Amy Jones

Bristol '22

Second year English Lit student
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