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InFilm’s Premiere: a Box Office hit!

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bristol chapter.

(A review of the last premiere and why to get last minute tickets to the final premiere of the year!)

As suggested by the title of this article, this event was a raging success. From the atmospheric music, the crowded bar and the colourful outfits, this event felt like a professional PR event for an independent film festival. It was an entertaining method to showcase independent student-made films to a larger audience than ever before. This premiere was an inventive way to reward the hard work of InFilm members by screening their hours of work to the student masses. This event was affordable, entertaining, accessible and a celebration of the creative spirit that exists within the University of Bristol.

Now showing: The Films!

The star of the show was most definitely the films. The ability of the cast and crew were celebrated with awards and through the event itself. In keeping with the intention of the event, I’d like to reflect on these films and also encourage anyone reading to check them out on the InFilm YouTube channel. (Spoiler free reviews of course, I’d recommend watching them if you get the chance). 

The films reviewed below were created as part of InFilm’s popular short film challenge. After being given a randomised word as a prompt, the crew (who were previously strangers) had eight weeks to write, film and edit a ten minute short film. In spite of the pressurising ups and downs of university life, every single team managed to pull together and make some rather exceptional and creative short films.

1st film! – Orange assessment.

This film was a fun, subversive commentary on the surreal pressures of life and learning to roll with the ridiculous (rolling as an orange would). This reflection on learning to take the -seemingly absurd- parts of life on the chin is a wonderful reminder, especially for a third year.

2nd film! -Leftovers.

This film explored a cathartic revolution of a young relationship. Centered around a lasagne, this film rested on nostalgic glimpses of the couple’s memory, thematically exploring the in-between feelings that come with the passing of time.

3rd film! -Grieved.

This film had an ominous air and the curated soundtrack created a perfect atmosphere to explore feelings of loss and grief. Grieved explored the breakdown of familial relationships through a series of phone calls whilst a sinister monk lurks in the background.

4th film! – Unfinished.

This film expertly navigated challenging topics through a heartbreaking conversation between two friends on a bench,giving the audience a mournful reminder to check in with our friends.

5th film! -Parallel Planes.

This film is focused on a conversation about deeper topics but is punctuated by the most triggering sound known to a human (a phone alarm). Parallel Planes rehashes and utilises the memory of the traumatic higher maths papers to make us feel the concept of the film through bloodshed, pens and pi.

6th film! – Date with death.

This film spoofed universal elements of horror that mark the student experience: the struggle of trying not to fail your course (this hit slightly too close to home during essay deadline season) and insufferable Tinder dates. A chilling undertone of a Jennifer’s Body-esque female rage defined this film and created an intense tone that made the shock ending an even more impactful end to the night.

Overall, these films really delved into the feelings that members of the audience might have experienced separately but simultaneously. Exploring feelings of stress, loss, confusion, panic and the anxiety that comes with choices that define growing up have allowed for a recognition of these realities and for a connection between the creator and audience to be formed. It also showed how the creators of these projects are writing from where they are at and from what they know, making these films really speak to their audience of peers.  This made this event a real celebration commenting on the student perspective and experience.  It was refreshing to feel like those elements of being 20 something had been explored in various ways and had inspired a creative output that brought people together. 

Her Campus would like to promote the second film premiere on the 30thof April. Check out the InFilm Instagram to get further information on these films and to get the final few tickets for the last premiere of the year!

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