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How to Control Your Curly Hair

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When I saw this idea for an article, I jumped at the chance to do it. Being a curly-haired girl is difficult. Like really, really difficult. As someone who does not have an unlimited budget to spend on hair care- it is so challenging to find and test products to make sure they’re right for my hair. 

A Bit About Me:

I am a white caucasian female who has natural type 3A curly hair (when at its best). I have dyed my hair in the past but my hair now is not dyed at all. I do not have Afro-textured hair, so these products may not be as useful for this denser type of hair. Nor are these recommendations suitable for creating curls, they are instead to bring forth the natural curl and add definition and volume to what is already there. 


Shampoo: Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair Cleansing Cream Shampoo (£6.99)

Shampoo: OGX Hydrate & Defrizz+ Kukui Oil pH Balanced Shampoo (£6.99)

Conditioner: Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair Hydrating Cream Conditioner (£6.99)

Conditioner: OGX Hydrate & Defrizz+ Kukui Oil pH Balanced Conditioner (£6.99)

My hair washing routine is a bit strange. I like to do fortnightly ‘cycles’ between products, as I find my hair curls better when I change things up frequently. In week 1, I like to use Cantu shampoo and conditioner on my hair. I find this to be both nourishing and beneficial for my curl pattern. In week 2, I will use OGX Kukui Oil shampoo and conditioner. This is to make sure that my hair doesn’t get ‘too used to’ certain products and thus losing the initial softness and hydration that Cantu provides me with. I find OGX products to be really natural (due to there being no sulfates) and so ‘reset’ my hair very nicely. 

I aim to wash my hair every three days. Luckily, with my curly hair, it never really gets greasy, so I can get away with a week of not washing. However, my curls need wetting daily to make the curls look ‘right’. When washing my hair, I will brush my hair once the conditioner has been in for 2 minutes. This helps me to get the tangles out which are inevitable with curly hair. 


Most days I let my hair air dry because I find that it feels most natural to do so. If I want more defined curls, I use my Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer with Diffuser to make the curls tighter. I will typically lean forward and place sections of the hair in the diffuser to dry it. This ensures there is not too much frizz. 


Product: Davines, This is a Curl Building Serum, Curl-Enhancing Hair Serum (£19.00)

Product: Cantu, Shea Butter for Natural Hair, Define Shine Custard (£5.49)

Product: Denman Classic D3 Styling Brush (£9.00)

I love both of these products! The Davines Curl-Enhancing Serum is a bit more on the pricey side (£19), and it is by far the most money I have ever spent on a hair product before. What is especially good about this product is that you only have to use a pea-sized amount for your whole head of hair. The more you rub the serum into your hands, the further it spreads- it’s almost like magic! I use my Denman Classic D3 Styling Brush to take tiny chunks of hair and twirl it up the brush to make the curls sit neatly. 

The Cantu Define Shine Custard is also another brilliant product. As a cheaper option, I am constantly surprised by the results this provides. As a substance that is thick, when in contact with water it becomes much thinner and less sticky on the hair. I like to apply this product in sections, as it allows me to shape my curls the way I want. 


Product: Boots Essentials Heavyweight Slumber Net (£1.50)

As part of my sleeping set up, I tend to wear a Heavyweight Slumber Net to bed each night, with my hair loosely piled into it. I also attach a silk scarf (that I bought from a charity shop for 50p!) on top of it to try and maintain my curl definition and to reduce frizz. This seems to work pretty well. 

Basically, it takes a lot of time and effort to maintain curly hair! Although if you have curly hair yourself, you already know this. I do hope some of what I have included in this article is beneficial for you, because these do seem to work for me! 

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