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Goodbye Summer Styles, Hello Autumn Apparel

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bristol chapter.

Summer is officially coming to an end. But you don’t need me reminding you about that, the rain is coming in thick and fast, it’s getting darker earlier and the temptation to put the heating on is very strong! This transition into the cosy months brings confusion and we are asking ourselves, the ever so important question: what do I wear? The weather is unreliable at the best of times in the UK, so the transition into Autumn can only lead to a meltdown in the wardrobe department. But no need to fear. End of summer fashion can be fun. It can allow for so many new opportunities and avenues of dressing, which usually we don’t have in the peak of other seasons. To help you out, here are some of my top transitional pieces I will be taking into the beginning of Autumn.

Leather Blazer 

Starting with leather blazers, which have been everywhere for the past year, and I can totally see why! They provide an edgy and grunge look with the leather but keep you looking sharp and polished by being a blazer. Why I like them for this transitional period is that they aren’t as heavy or thick as a coat but still provide some extra warmth as the cold starts to set in. However, you can still carry this piece into the winter months by layering with thick knits underneath. Leather blazers are easy to style when keeping to the standard black or brown, but if you want something more daring, red blazers have been circling recently and look super cool! Check out the blazers I have linked below or even better search your local charity shop to find a one of a kind style.



Midi Skirt 

Going into Autumn doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to skirts. A midi skirt is the perfect candidate for going into these cooler months. Although it’s a mid-length, you are getting maximum impact as the longer line provides that extra warmth on your legs. Midi skirts can come in some cool and funky patterns allowing you to spice up plain jumpers and knitwear. But you can channel effortless glam and be more minimal in a classic black satin version. There is so much variation with midi skirts, making them a great transitional item. You can dress midi skirts up or down with a simple trainer for a daytime look, or find a dressier shoe for the night-time. This means you can get so many cute outfits out of just one skirt!




These in-between months bring panic when leaving the house in the morning… to bring or not to bring a coat. It might seem like a good idea in the foggy Autumn mornings, but come the afternoon they are making you sweat buckets. But swooping in to save the day is the gilet. It’s the perfect solution to all your outerwear issues. It keeps your body nice and snug but allows you to breathe due to the open arms. A waterproof puffer style will keep you protected in all types of weather. Or you could go for a lighter fleece style if you are wanting to stay cosy. The best thing about gilets is you can pop them over anything, making them so versatile for this season. On cooler days, use them for some extra warmth but when needed they can be layered on top of any outfit.  



Button up shirt 

Every person needs to own a button up shirt. It is an essential all year round. This is because the possibilities never end when styling a shirt. Tuck them, unbutton them, layer them, you can do so much. An example for end of summer could be to keep your shirt open and unbuttoned. Layer it over dresses or tops to provide you with a light jacket and extra warmth on your arms. You can still rock your pretty floaty dresses and summer crop tops, but a simple shirt makes it more wearable for this season. Go classic with a white shirt, the crisp colour can be worn with so much and will be a staple in your wardrobe. Or try something with colour or pattern to brighten up your outfit. You can even play around with texture and try a cord or satin style.



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Elle Wilson

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I am currently in my first year studying Management with Innovation at Bristol University. I have an interest in fashion, food and wellbeing :)