Editor's Letter: Choosing Teach First

Through the "Her Career" section of the magazine this term we have been hearing from various different editors about their post uni plans. Last week Ella told us about the world of the journalism masters whilst previously Danni talked about her gap year plans and Eli about her aims to stay in Bristol. For me, next year holds embarking on Teach First's Leadership Development Programme, the details of which I have spoken about in a previous editor's letter. I do feel incredibly lucky to be one of the few who are 21 and already know what they want to do with their career. However, it is also quite a scary thought!

I remember that it was in second year when everyone started talking about the dreaded prospect of internships. Everyone around me was discussing various marketing/PR/advertising internship applications and I just didn't feel drawn to any of it. I went to one of the uni careers talks about PR and marketing because it seemed like a good opportunity and I am actually so glad that I did because it completely confirmed for me that this wasn't the route I wanted to go down. I decided that the private/corporate world was just not for me. So, having eliminated one potential career path, I wasn't sure where to turn next. Yet, it was all by chance that one of my housemates was going along to a Teach First talk and asked if I wanted to join. I had always thought that I would go into teaching at some point in my life but I always viewed it as something I would do after a first career. However, it was that talk which completely changed my mind and made me realise that for me, teaching was something not to be put off till later, but to be started straight away. Everything that was being talked about in the presentation completely aligned with my values and it just felt like things were slotting into place. It was such a relief to feel like there was a graduate programme that encompassed everything I believed in. I got my place on the programme in that year and so through some stroke of luck I had my post uni plans sorted before I even started third year.

(Image Credit: www.reed.co.uk)

I have just finished doing a five day school experience in a Teach First school in Bristol and it has been such an illuminating and inspiring time that has completely affirmed my decision to do the LDP. The teachers at this school literally give their everything to their students and they make them believe that they really do deserve the best education, because after all, that is what every single person deserves. 

What finding Teach First has taught me is that there is absolutely no point settling for a path post uni that doesn't fully excite and inspire you. We are still so young and I just find it so tragic when I hear of people selling their souls to the corporate/banking world at the age of 21, not because its what they want to do, but because its what they think society (their parents) expect of them. Obviously, if banking and finance makes you passionate then absolutely go for it. But, we shouldn't ever chose a career path for any reason other than our happiness. And, most importantly, if you haven't yet found the route you want to take then there's absolutely no need to panic. Surely, it's better to wait a long time for a job that will truly fulfill you than one that just ticks a box. Also, take Danni and Eli's advice and embrace the post university freedom!