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Bristol’s Best Hangover Brunches

As one of those really annoying students that only has one day in a week, I would say that I have sought out my fair share of brunches in my time. Perhaps it’s the morning after the night before, or maybe you’ve just stayed in having a few drinks with your flat, but hung-over or not, the ‘brunch’ is a good way to go. I have a few suggestions to ease the pain of the morning for those days when picking a place is a little much for your brain to handle.

Friska on the triangle does a brilliant hot brunch, and also has really good yoghurt and porridge “healthy type” options for those of you who are following Caspar Moran’s Learn To Eat, Not To Diet articles. This is probably the most reasonably priced of the ‘good’ brunches about town and there’s an indie record and clothing store upstairs if you suddenly feel the need to shop. Sadly Friska only has seating inside, so this might be one to save for a rainy day.

Next up, we have Moreish on Chandos Road. They have a brilliant weekday deal that I have been known to take advantage of. From Monday to Friday you can get any brunch (for a full English add £2) and a cup of tea or coffee for £5. Sit in or outside depending on your level of hangover and whether you feel you can ever brave the sunlight again! The offer runs from 9:30 to 11:30, so get there early to order.

Primrose Café in Clifton Village is another great spot if the weather is good. If not, book in advance (or on your way there) to secure a seat indoors. If the sun is shining but it’s cold, then ask behind the counter for a blanket and snuggle up with your brunch on one of the tables outside. I would recommend the eggs Benedict, which comes with the most buttery and beautiful hollandaise sauce you will ever see.

If you live a little further out or are up for a short walk from the Whiteladies Road area, then try going down to The Promenade, Gloucester Rd and into Tart. They have some amazing vegetarian options and are one of the few places in Bristol, besides Moreish, that offer black pudding as part of their full English. If you’re feeling very brave here then try the bloody Mary as a hangover cure; they are alarmingly spicy but they definitely do the trick to bring you back into the real world!

Rosemarino offers brunch until 3pm, so this might be the place for the later risers among us. Do not be intimidated by the pretty blue exterior: this hidden gem is still within the student budget, but well above the standard you would expect.

If all else fails and your wallet took a hit the night before then you can always head to your local Weatherspoons or Boston Tea Party for a quick and easy option. Or just stick to the home remedy – bottles and bottles of Lucozade Sport!


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Siena is a Graphic Design student who loves travelling and exploring the world. Her passions are photography and brunching with her friends.. and the occasional bout of lizard lounge. She loves David Bowie and Fleetwood Mac and can often be found trawling the charity shops around Bristol for their records.
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