The Best Places to run in Bristol

Running is for me one of the best ways to exercise: it’s free, it gets you outside and you can cater it to your ability and test yourself with goals. Setting realistic, achievable goals is key. It is best not to be too strict as this can be demotivating – I tend to plan a route based on distance and aim simply to stay moving the whole time (running or walking). Another key factor is choosing a route which will keep you motivated; having nice scenery to look at while you run is great at keeping you going. Living in Bristol there are plenty of awesome places to run:

The Harbourside – full of history and culture, this is a great place to run in Bristol. The brightly coloured houses, busy harbor and the S.S. Great Britain are just a few of the cool things you’ll see running here. It’s also a little cooler by the river, so if you get really hot and sweaty running, plan your route via the harbour.

Brandon Hill and Cabot Tower – the oldest park in Bristol, Brandon Hill, has gorgeous views over the city centre of Bristol. Cabot Tower is free to climb up, so if you want an extra thigh work out during your run, take a quick detour and climb up the spiral steps of the tower! 

The Downs – made up of Clifton and Durdham down, the downs are one of the biggest areas of parkland in Bristol. Because the space is so expansive, it feels almost as if you’re in the countryside when you run here. They’re also good if you like to run laps, as you could do a lap or two of Durdham down during your run. 

The Suspension Bridge – Unless you are afraid of heights, Clifton Suspension bridge is an awesome place to run. The area around is stunning: the craggy rocks of the Avon gorge to the north and the view of the city in the south. A route near here could also easily include the iconic Royal York Crescent, one of the prettiest roads in Bristol.