10 Ways to Glam Up Your Instant Hot Chocolate

As storm Emma hits the UK with a rampant carelessness, destroying all in her path, we students have been forced to finally put the heating on after 3 months of winter. When you get back home after a gruelling walk in the blistering winds, the first thing on your mind might well be a large mug of hot chocolate. Alas, as you rummage through yours and your flatmates cupboards the only thing you can find is Tesco value instant hot chocolate. Desperate times, call for desperate measures! Here are some great tips to glam your instant hot chocolate.

  1. Add some double cream – Single cream also works, but this will make your instant hot chocolate thick, sweet and creamy. Use half milk, half double cream for the perfect level of indulgence.

  2. Do a Ned Flanders – You know the one I’m talking about: the scene where Ned leaves out a hot cocoa for Bart, covered in squirty cream, chocolate shavings, a wafer, more squirty cream and a toasted marshmallow. While you don’t have to be as extravagant as Ned, any of these additions will make your instant hot chocolate way better than just ‘Okily Dokily'. 


  3. Add some Nutella – Mix your Nutella in with your milk, and heat up in a saucepan until fully incorporated. Then add the instant hot chocolate, and taste HEAVEN.

  4. Stir in some Vanilla extract – This one is probably a bit harder; not many students have vanilla extract lying about. However, if you or one of your flatmates bakes often, then you might be in luck! Add for a sweeter and more complex flavour.

  5. Add some cinnamon and/or nutmeg – This addition will make your hot chocolate taste like a cold winter’s night by the fire. The spices add a delicious complexity of flavour to the hot chocolate – perfect for warming you to your core! 


  6. Use a flavourful non-dairy milk – Almond, cashew, coconut or hazelnut milk are all perfect for giving your instant hot chocolate a nutty undertone. If you’re Vegan, this is a great thing you’ve probably already discovered.

  7. Put marshmallow fluff on top - This is such an indulgent hack. It’s a bit like having a giant marshmallow on top of your hot chocolate; as it starts to melt in, your hot chocolate will be given a sweet kick.


  8. Half-instant coffee – This essentially makes a super cheap mocha. Now you can have a delicious warming drink, as well as get that kick to keep you energised while pulling an all-nighter for that essay that’s due tomorrow.

  9. Mix in peanut butter – While my favourite hot chocolate has to be Whittard’s peanut butter hot chocolate, at £7 per tub that’s only a treat I get in my Christmas stocking. Add peanut butter into milk and heat up, before adding your instant hot chocolate for a peanut butter hot chocolate treat! 


  10. Add in some cacao powder – Once more, this might be difficult to find in your cupboards, but if you or your flatmates is vegan, or just into delicious smoothies, you might be able to find this. Cacao powder will add a bitter and chocolatey twist to your drink, making it seem expensive and classy.

Now enjoy your glam hot chocolate under your duvet while watching some Netflix! Stay safe in the snow everyone.