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Women’s History Month Posters

You may have recently noticed the new addition at the library. The rows of posters in the center of the library are in honor of Women’s History Month in March! These posters were created by Dr. Heather Hollimon’s GS250 class, Gender and the Global Enviroment. Each poster details a different country and explains how women in that country are treated and what they may have access to or not have access to. You can even check out my very own poster on the country of Norway, featuring notable women from Norway and a little Harry Potter fact about Norway for you! These posters will be up all month long, so check them out when you have time!

Sommer Stockton is a sophomore at Brenau University and is majoring in Mass Communications. She believes she is the biggest Harry Potter fan of all time and loves to travel to new places. She loves chicken nuggets, frozen cokes and squirrels. Sommer is a proud Slytherin at heart.
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